There are tons of really good Iranian restaurants in Dubai serving delicious Chelo Kebabs. From Koobedah to Masti, these mouth-watering delights are filled with flavour and go equally well with some buttery rice or a hot naan.

While the city has plenty to offer when it comes to gourmet Iranian restaurants in town, such as Ariana’s Persian Kitchen at The Atlantis, that is not my focus today. In this guide, I look at the best Iranian restaurants in Dubai with a price range that’s around 80 Dirhams for a serving of Kebabs. There is one exception which is Shabestan- Like Ustadi, it’s an institution and you cannot create a list of best Iranian restaurants in Dubai without it.

I’ve also created a table that mentions the listed prices for some popular Iranian kebabs, such as Koobedah, Tikka Masti and Joojeh. I’ve tried to explain each of these kebabs, but I’m sure there’s someone who can go into more details- and if you’re that person, then hit me up in the comments.

Best Iranian restaurants in Dubai

The list below is sorted alphabetically and you should try and dine-in at each of these locations as there’s nothing like a kebab fresh of the grill.

Al Ustaad Kebab Khaas

Al Ustaad Kebab Khaas Location | Al Ulstaad Special Kebab Menu

No list of the best Iranian restaurants in Dubai would be complete without Al Ustaad. Established in 1978 this restaurant has been a crowd favourite for over 40 years. The speciality is Kebab Khas, a yoghurt and black pepper-based kebab which is available in chicken and mutton. I highly recommend the mutton and eating it fresh right off the grill- it melts in your mouth.


Farsi Restaurant Location | Farsi Restaurant Menu

Farsi offers excellent kebabs-and with generous portions. Located in Business Bay, JLT and Al Ghurair, this Iranian Kebab house is popular for not only their kebabs but also their stews. Recommended dishes at Farsi restaurant are Joojeh Kabab, Koobideh and Ghorme Sabzi.

Grand Abshar

Grand Abshar Location | Grand Abshar Menu

Located in Jumeirah and Al Warqa, Abshar has been around for some time and is famous for all kinds on Iranian food. It serves an emaborate buffet of kebabs and stews during Ramadan- though it is on the slightly pricey side.

Iran Zamin

Iran Zamin Location | Iran Zamin Menu

Located in Downtown and Marina, Iran Zamin is great for delivery or ordering in- if fact you’ve probably seen it pop up on Talabat or Careem. It serves a good, high quality selection of kebabs that serve the craving. Favourites dishes at Iran Zaimn are Chelo Kebab Koobideh and Joojeh Kebab Masti.

Kabab Alfareej

Kabab Alfareej Location | Kabab Alfareej Menu

If you fancy a value meal, the head over to Kebab Alfareej located across multiple neighbourhoods in Dubai such as Jemeirah, Barsha, Mirdiff and Warqa. Their Lamb Lemon Tikka is quite flavourful and recommended but you can always get the Mix grill which has that along with other traditional kebabs.

Kebab Khodmooni

Kebab Khodmooni Location | Kebab Khodmooni Menu

Located in Mamzar, Kebab Khodmooni is another kebab place with a menu that’s affordable. Try the Khodmooni Mix 5 that offers a good selection of kebabs.


Rivas Location | Rivas Menu

Located insode THE MALL which is Opposite from Burj Al arab, Rivas is farily new on the scene but made a splash with its excellent kebabs. Though on the pricey side, their Koobedah is excellent.


Shabestan Location | Shabestan Menu

Shabestan has been serving quality Iranian food for decades and has won the Michelen star. It’s pricey and not the place for a regular meal but one that’s saved for special occasions. Located in the heart of Diera, it’s easily one the best Irananian restaurants in Dubai.

Sofreh Kitchen & Grill

Sofreh Location | Sofreh Menu

Sofreh is located in a tiny shop in JLT which makes it hard to find a place to sit and eat. What makes that even more diffcult is the delicious food. Go for the mixed grill as all their kebabs are excellent and you get to try a few. They also serve a good pizza- but convincing yourself to eat Pizza at an Iranian restaurant is another story.

The Seb

The Sib Location | The Sib Menu

Seb is a fairly new restaurant, but the owners have been Dubai residents for decades. Located on the first floor of Palm Strip Mall in Jumeirah, Seb serves a delicious assortment of Iranian kebabs and stews. You should try the Chelo Kebab Soltani as well as Kebab Torsh. Also great is their Zereshk Polo Ba Murgh.

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