There’s no shortage of burger joints in Dubai, but that does not stop a new one from opening every week. The good news is that if you like your burgers, there are plenty of great options all over the city. Here is the tbreak official list of the best burgers in Dubai. We have intentionally avoided the larger chains and focused on Dubai-based restaurants.

We’ve been to all the restaurants on this list and paid for every burger mentioned. Taste and pricing are subjective, but the team go together to curate this list of the best burgers in Dubai. This is not a static list and will continue growing as and when we come across burgers worth adding to it.

Let’s be clear: every burger on this list is worth trying, and while we all love our delivery services, these burgers deserve to be eaten right off the grill. The list below is sorted alphabetically by the restaurant and not by my preference. Again, every burger on this list is worth trying.

The Wagyu Burger at 11 WoodFire – AED 85

11 WoodFire is a homegrown brand that has won a Michelin star. Located in Jumeirah, right around Mercato Mall, chef Akmal Anuar has created a wonderful dining experience. The sriracha sauce adds a nice kick to the Wagyu Burger, which is easily one of the best burgers in Dubai. I also recommend trying the Bone Marrow and Burnt Cheese Cake. Browse the menu here.

Double Trouble at Eleven Green – AED 59

Eleven Green is the new place in town that is making quite a name for itself, along with winning multiple awards across the world. It’s located inside Meyan Mall on Al Thanya Street and is easy to miss so pay attention when driving. The Bull is their signature burger, but I like Double Trouble more, and that would be my recommendation. The fries are supposedly from Idaho, and they’re good, but nothing beats Five Guys when it comes to fries.

The Boujie Burger at Good Burger – AED 50

You definitely make a trip to Good Burger for a great burger, even if it means fighting the JTL traffic. It’s owned by the same good people operating Maiz Tacos, so that’s where you need to look to enjoy these burgers. The Bojie burger is the one that Sam from our team swears by, but Good Burger has also recently added the Birria Bruger, which is also quite an experience.

Double High Burger at High Joint – AED 52

Another home brand that is well-loved by burger enthusiasts in Dubai- their first branch is in Manara and has a parking lot so you can eat in the car. I loved their speciality dry-aged beef burger, which was only available in Khawaneej, but their regular burgers are also good. While I prefer the Double High burger, the High Jamz burger is quite unique and worth a try- especially if you like a slightly sweet flavour.

Truffle Burger at House of Slaw – AED 51

Chef Ali Yazdi makes incredible burgers at his restaurant, House of Slaw, located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I visited the Dubai branch close to The One in Jumeirah and tried quite a few burgers. The one that stood out was the Truffle Burger, which has meat imported from Nebraska and is outright delicious. I’m not a huge fan of truffles, but this burger has a mild hint of it that really adds to the overall flavour.

Lad’s Burger at Lad’s Burger – AED 43

Sometimes, all you want is a good old-fashioned burger- nothing fancy but the basics done right. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Lad’s Burger in Jumeriah. Make sure you get some fries or Onion Rings on the side, as they complement the burger nicely and can sometimes be found at amazing promotional deals.

Picante Burger at Lento – AED 63

If you enjoy a spicy kick to your burger, head down to Lento located at the crossing of Umm Al Sheif and Al Wasl road and try the Picante burger. Chef Faisal Naser has done an outstanding job with it- this is one juicy burger with incredible meat quality, picante salsa, and jalapenos that add an excellent kick to it.

Grilled Jalapeno Cheese Burger at Maxzis – AED 48

Located in Al Qouz, Maxzis is another hidden gem in Dubai. Their Jalapeno Cheese Burger is excellent, but they also cook up fantastic brisket-based burgers with BBQ sauce if that’s your thing. You can also purchase party boxes at Maxzis that has everything you need for your next barbeque party at home or camping out with friends.

Meat Me Burger at Meat Me There – AED 40

You know a burger is great when you’ve just finished a meal at Bu Qtair and yet you manage to devour a burger. But that’s exactly what I did with the Meat Me Burger. This tiny little burger place is a hidden gem and is located at the Al Souq Mall in Umm Suqeim. I would have gone for the double if I had not eaten a full meal before.

OB Cheese Burger at Orfali Brothers – AED 89

Another restaurant that is no stranger to awards, Orfali Brothers combines flavours from across the world with a regional twist for an incredible experience. Located at Wasl 51 Mall in Jumeirah, you’ll likely run into Mohamed Orfali who is always happy to say hello. I also recommend trying out Shish Barak a la gyoza (Wagyu beef dumplings) and TNT Patatas (triple-cooked chips)

Classic Slider at Salt – AED 40

You knew this one was coming- it’s hard to list the best burger places in Dubai without Salt. The OG home of sliders, Salt continues to attract lines of burger lovers across its various locations in Dubai- I love the branch on Kite Beach. I recommend the original slider that comes in a pack of two yet leaves you craving for more. Finish it up with their excellent soft ice creams.

Did you find a burger you think is worth getting on this list? Hit us up in the comments below and we’ll make a trip and judge.

Abbas Jaffar Ali
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