Too Hot to Handle Germany aired in February 2023, and a lot has happened in the cast’s love lives and careers since. 

Find out here who is still together, how their lives are going, and which couple from the cast has had a baby!

Too Hot to Handle Germany: The Main Couples

Stella and Tobi – Separated


Wer ist Team Stella und Tobi? ♥️ Bald werdet ihr erfahren, wie es nach dem Dreh weiter ging! @Tobias #ththgermany #toohot #netflixde #realitytv #couple

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Stella and Tobi were immediately attracted to one another, but their bond was put to the test by two bombshell arrivals. Nonetheless, the pair kept coming back to one another and were very close and happy at the end of the season.

After Too Hot to Handle Germany, Stella and Tobi dated for a while but ended up splitting as they both had different expectations for a relationship. As seen on their Instagrams, both of them are very busy travelling and modelling.

Kevin and Emely – Still Together

After each kissing someone else, Kevin and Emely got together and were inseparable for most of the season. They claimed their commitment to one another after dating new arrivals, and they were voted the season’s winners!

And it seems like the win was justified: ‘Kemely’ are still together and now have a baby boy named Ocean, the first Too Hot to Handle baby. Both parents are focused on parenting, influencing, and growing their joint podcast on YouTube.

Sophie and Akka — Separated

Sophie and Akka almost broke off for good after Sophie friend-zoned him on the show. However, they kept hanging out and were eventually a couple for the rest of the season, reaching the final with Stella, Tobi, Anna, Kevin, and Emely.

After filming the show, Sophie and Akka dated for a while and then separated on friendly terms. Since then, Sophie has published more lifestyle content and a book, while Akka is busy as an influencer.

Anna and Fabio – Separated


Habt ihr‘s schon gesehen? Könnte da noch mehr 💩 erzählen.. Danke für die Unterstützung ❤️ #THTH #THTHGermany #toohottohandlegermany @Fabio Falconieri @NetflixDE

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While Anna and Fabio weren’t instantly attracted to one another, they got on extremely well on the show and developed a romantic connection. Unfortunately, Fabio played Anna against a new arrival, Sophie, and was eliminated from the show.

Anna and Fabio then dated for eight months after Too Hot to Handle and even lived together for a while, but Anna cut things off when the relationship became toxic. While Fabio has been busy modelling and influencing, Anna has been making lifestyle and travel content and has over 2 million TikTok followers.

The Rest of the Cast


Dennis left the show very early after not forming a romantic connection. He’s since carried on with his career as a photographer and model, and he confirmed that he was still single at the Too Hot to Handle Germany reunion in March 2023.


After being rejected by Kevin, Laura spent the show single and was an agony aunt to the other ladies. The model and influencer revealed that she was in a relationship at the Too Hot to Handle Germany reunion, and she now posts a lot of content featuring her man!


Oliver had a date with Emely on Too Hot to Handle Germany, but she turned him down for Kevin. Oliver was then single for the rest of the show and chose to leave early. Since the show, he’s been busy with his career as a personal trainer, and he has a girlfriend, according to his Instagram!


Onyi unfortunately missed her chance with Oliver and Paddy on Too Hot to Handle, leaving the show single. She revealed that she was still single at the reunion episode in March, and she seems very busy posting fashion advice and brand collaborations on social media.


A late arrival to the villa, Samira unfortunately couldn’t prize Kevin from Emely and ended up staying single after Oliver also turned her down. Samira is now living in Berlin and carrying on with her life as a dancer and lifestyle influencer.


Marco unfortunately didn’t get any matches in the villa, but he did bag a date with Stella after the show! He’s currently continuing his career as a content creator and regularly posts about his adventures on Germany’s techno scene.


Paddy quickly bonded with Anna on Too Hot to Handle Germany, but he sensed that he was her rebound after Fabio and backed off. Paddy didn’t attend the reunion and has a low social media presence. We wonder what he is up to!

…And that’s a wrap: you’re now up-to-date with the post-show antics of the cast of Too Hot to Handle Germany. There’s no news yet of a second season of Too Hot to Handle Germany, but watch this space!

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