Jordan Sangha, aged 26, was crowned the winner of Big Brother UK 2023 on Friday 17 November. His quirky, sardonic personality made him a hit among viewers from the start.

In the final viewer vote, Jordan won by a large majority against his co-finalists Olivia, Henry, Noky, and Yinrun. Find out all about Jordan and his win here!

Who Is Jordan from Big Brother Season 20?

Jordan is a lawyer hailing from Scunthorpe, UK. He revealed on Big Brother that he often finds the job too cruel and serious for his liking, and he likes to try to make the judges laugh in court. His ‘disillusionment with life’ is partly what made him apply to the show.

Jordan’s dry, sarcastic humour was an instant hit in the Big Brother house. His spoken accent also caught attention; he grew up on a council estate but decided to adopt the upper-class accent of Downton Abbey characters, a show he watched and loved growing up.

This combination of a council estate background, Downton Abbey accent, and unflinchingly dry and honest humour make Jordan one-of-a-kind. His housemates and many viewers quickly warmed to his dry, often unintentional charms.

What Voting Percentage Did Jordan Receive in the Big Brother Final?

Jordan won Big Brother season 20 by a significant majority, gaining a voting percentage of 37.8% against runner-up Olivia’s 20.16%.

Henry, who came in third place by viewer vote, gained 19.64% of the viewer vote, under 1% behind Olivia. Yinrun and Noky, meanwhile, gained 17.14% and 5.26%, respectively.

While many viewers already believed that Jordan would win, the significant majority with which he won was larger than expected. Some viewers had predicted runner-up Olivia to win for her Love-Island-esque credentials (she’s a dancer and model according to her Instagram bio).

However, the astounding support for Jordan in the final vote confirms that most Big Brother viewers want to see fewer Insta-models and more ordinary, funny, and relatable people like Jordan on their television screens. Big Brother is a social experiment, after all!

What Happened During Jordan’s Time in the Big Brother House?

Viewers were initially uncertain about Jordan on Big Brother, but he soon cemented his fame during his roleplay as a fire safety warden. Jordan’s sarcastic tone and funny remarks while chaperoning his housemates to ‘safety’ elicited laughs from his co-stars and the viewers.

Throughout the series, Jordan certainly didn’t have as many conflicts as other members of the Big Brother house. However, he got into trouble by seemingly betraying his best friend on the show, Henry, by turning his attention to another housemate, Matty, for a while.

Luckily, Jordan resolved the situation by figuring out that his loyalties lay with Henry. Their close relationship pulled at many viewers’ heartstrings, and it’s been widely admired that the ‘social experiment’ succeeded in this sense. Who would have thought that Henry, a conservative, and Jordan, a liberal, would become so close?

On the final night of the season, Jordan and Henry hugged to celebrate their friendship, with Henry leaving in third place and Jordan being crowned the winner. And Jordan’s dry humour didn’t stop after his victory; on the live outdoor stage with the show’s hosts, Jordan couldn’t help but remark on the distasteful music played for him on the runway!

What Does the Future Hold For the Winner of Big Brother UK 2023, Jordan?

Soon after Jordan’s eviction on Friday night, he appeared on the Big Brother aftershow to be interviewed about his experience. He revealed that he enjoyed his time on the show and will be staying in touch with Henry, adding that he’d dedicate some of the £100k winnings to a round of drinks with the cast!

Beyond that, Jordan admitted that he’s uncertain about his professional future after Big Brother; he reiterated his disillusionment with being a lawyer, deeming it too serious for his humorous character. It will be intriguing to see what Jordan does with his £100k and his future.

Perhaps Jordan might get snapped up by another UK reality TV show. He’d arguably make an excellent contestant on The Traitors, a deception game requiring a poker face, or even on Gogglebox, where ordinary people give amusing armchair commentary on up-and-coming television shows.

Is Jordan from Big Brother UK on Instagram and TikTok?

You can follow Jordan’s Instagram here: @jordan.sangha. It appears his TikTok profile is either confidential or hasn’t been set up yet.

…And that’s a wrap: you’re now in-the-loop with Jordan’s landslide Big Brother victory. After his housemates and viewers fell in love with his dry charms, there should be great things to come for Jordan, the winner of the Big Brother UK reboot.

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