Who Is Erin Carter season 1 was an action-packed tale about a mother and teacher, Erin Carter, whose quiet Barcelona life took a violent turn due to vengeful figures from her secret agent past.

Gripping, witty, and packed with twists, Who Is Erin Carter remained on Netflix’s Top 10 Watchlist in various countries for several weeks.

Given the popularity of season 1, many fans are now asking if there will be a second season. Find out everything we know about Who Is Erin Carter Season 2 here.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Who Is Erin Carter?

The first season of Who Is Erin Carter? aired in summer 2023, and it looks possible, perhaps even likely, that Netflix will renew the show for a second season.

Who Is Erin Carter? was originally billed to be a limited series lasting one season only; however, Netflix often adjusts this when a show has resounding success. Squid Game, for instance, was only meant to last for one season, but its global acclaim cinched a season 2 (airing in 2024) and even a reality TV spinoff.

Who Is Erin Carter? sparked global interest with its Barcelona setting and female lead

As with Squid Game, the success of Who Is Erin Carter? was international and defied many critics’ predictions. The female-led action thriller was streamed for 75 million hours in its first week, 90 million in its second, and it even beat the hit manga adaptation, One Piece, to Netflix’s top spot in several countries.

So although Netflix hasn’t confirmed a second season of Who Is Erin Carter? yet, it’s very possible, given season 1’s impressive viewing figures.

Why Watch Who Is Erin Carter Season 2?

Fans of witty and action-packed spy stories will love Who Is Erin Carter? The show is particularly special in the genre as it’s led by a woman; it’s not every day that you see a schoolteacher and mother doing secret missions and shootouts in her free time.

One of the first fight scenes takes place in a quiet classroom during a school play

Although the show’s premise is far-fetched, that’s precisely why it is so fun. Suspend disbelief and watch Erin fighting in the style of an Argentine tango, escaping a mansion by jumping into the sea, and reversing a stolen police car through narrow Barcelona streets. The action is fun, creative, and unique.

And that’s not all without an ironic wink to the audience, either. Several of the show’s characters are consciously parodic—from Erin’s colleague, Olivia, who has her eyes on everyone’s gossip, to Erin’s neighbour, Penelope, a caricature of the snooty suburban cliché. This relatable humour provides a grounding comedic relief after the show’s hard-hitting action scenes.

The show is also serious at times, with touching moments of love, grief, and sacrifice

So, if you enjoyed action-packed, semi-ironic, and emotion-filled spy stories like Kingsman and Deutschland 83, then you’ll love Who Is Erin Carter? This unique, female-led drama on Netflix plays on clichés with excellent pacing, character development, and imagination.

Lastly, there is also impressive acting in Who Is Erin Carter?, particularly from the lead Evin Ahmad. Her delivery initially feels cold, but it’s soon clear that she’s embodying Erin’s deliberately hardened exterior. Over time, Ahmad unveils Erin’s underlying emotions with a raw realism that few performers pull off.

What Will Happen in Who Is Erin Carter Season 2?

Season 1 of Who Is Erin Carter? closes on a cliffhanger: the biggest threats to Erin’s security are eliminated and she’s relishing a quiet family holiday, only to be interrupted by the appearance of her superior DI Armstrong, who informs her that she must get back to work.

So what would happen in season 2? Many fans and reporters speculate that Erin may go abroad for her next assignment. The Spanish setting and aesthetics played a big part in season 1, and another country could provide more scope for imaginative action scenes and visual appeal.

In season 1, a suburban Spanish hotel hosts a dramatic shootout and chase

Speaking to Polygon, the lead Evin Ahmad admitted that she would love to make season 2 in Japan: ‘We did talk about countries we’d like it to be set in; we did talk about Japan. I would like to go to Japan!’. 

Interestingly, globetrotting was a major premise of the second season of Deutschland 83, another witty spy series with critical acclaim. Will Who Is Erin Carter follow suit?

A further possible premise for Who Is Erin Carter season 2 would be the character arc of Erin’s daughter, Harper, who already shows interest in and skepticism towards her mother’s undercover life. Might DI Armstrong forge a rift in the family to ensure Erin’s loyalty? Might he even try to recruit Harper to his own ends?

The possibilities are multifarious, but if season 1 of Who Is Erin Carter? is anything to go by, you can expect lots more action, wit, emotion, and twists in season 2.

DI Armstrong’s insistence on Erin’s undying loyalty could make him season 2’s villain

Where Is the Trailer for Who Is Erin Carter Season 2?

There isn’t a trailer yet, but keep reading Tbreak and checking Netflix to find out whether season 2 is confirmed and when the trailer will be released.

…And that’s a wrap. Who Is Erin Carter season 2 isn’t yet confirmed, but a renewal looks possible and even likely given the popularity of season 1. Read Tbreak’s in-depth review of Who Is Erin Carter? season 1 here!

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