Who Is Erin Carter? is the latest series to take the streaming world by storm. Opinions are divided, and many critics can’t look past the first few episodes (which, in all fairness, are a drag). Bear with the show, however, and you’ll be rewarded with action-packed thrills, witty humour, and stellar acting from many of the cast. Blending action, mystery, and domestic drama in ways previously unseen, Who Is Erin Carter? is a breath of fresh air in Netflix’s saturated repertoire.

Where can you watch Who Is Erin Carter in the UAE?

Who Is Erin Carter? is streaming on Netflix in the UAE. If you don’t have one, you can create a Netflix account to watch this movie and other shows on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer any free trials in the Middle East, so you’ll have to subscribe for at least one month.

Who is Erin Carter Review

Evin Ahmad - Who Is Erin Carter?

+ Fun action scenes and parody roles
+ Relatable, character-driven story
+ Top performances by several actresses

– Starts off slowly, and the finale is rushed
– Some over-acting and under-acting

The show begins with Erin fleeing the UK on a boat with her daughter, Harper. Settled in Barcelona, the pair become victims in a supermarket robbery. Erin’s over-competent handling of the situation—she shoots a raider dead—leads her corrupt policeman neighbour, Emilio, to recruit her into his dodgy crime-solving missions. Erin also ends up in a violent fight with a visitor from her past, and it’s soon clear that there’s more to her than an innocent teacher and mother. Who is Erin Carter, and will her family find out about her past?

Fortunately, we aren’t made to wait until the end for answers; all becomes clear in episode 4. Taken back in time, we learn that Erin was abandoned as a child, became a trainee cadet, and was deployed as a heist infiltrator by DI Armstrong. It was on the day of the heist that Erin rescued Harper and made the getaway; Harper’s real, criminal mother was killed in a police shootout (or so it seemed). Combining suspenseful action scenes with solid character development, episode 4 of Who Is Erin Carter? is a perfectly paced masterpiece in its own right.

What follows is an action-packed tale of revenge, betrayals, and deaths that keeps you on your seat’s edge until the end. Reviewing the series, it would be wrong not to praise the fun creativity of all these action scenes. Kitchen utensils double up as shields, parkour rolls are made off roofs and onto lorries, and a self-administered injection gives Erin superheroine-like strength. It’s wholly unrealistic, but that’s what makes it so fun. There are moments of pure cinematic quality, too: Erin parading in a hooded cloak through a firelit street, followed by a fight reminiscent of an Argentine tango, is aesthetically pleasing to say the least.

That being said, it’s easy to become alienated or distracted when watching action movies and TV shows; the genre isn’t for everyone and can lack variety and relatability. What makes Who Is Erin Carter? so compelling are the various domestic subplots that heighten its mainstream appeal. While a snooty neighbour, Penelope, scrutinises Erin’s neglect of Harper, the wide-eyed secretary, Olivia, serves as Erin’s nosy sidekick in her normal life. Both roles are hilarious parodies of real-life personas, grounding the show and providing relatable light relief.

Yet the real star of the show is Evin Ahmad who plays Erin. Her delivery initially feels cold, but it’s soon clear that she’s channelling the hardened exterior of a woman with a troubled past. Ahmad conveys this exquisitely, with a darkened gaze that hints at the layers under Erin’s bravado. We also see a softness to Erin, thanks to the lead: when she develops motherly love for Harper and shares her own story of abandonment with Harper’s mother, the emotion is raw and tear-inducing. Not many actors can alternate between bravado and emotion like Ahmad.

Yet despite the stellar performances and awe-inspiring action scenes, Who Is Erin Carter? isn’t perfect. The pacing is misplaced at times, particularly in the rushed final episode, and the acting isn’t brilliant in every instance, either. Sean Teale, who plays husband Jordi, appears lost and unsure of himself (although maybe that’s the aim), while Jamie Bamber’s take on DI Armstrong feels too one-dimensional to praise. Moreover, the soundtrack, bar a couple of songs (like ‘Your Freedom Is the End of Me’), is forgettable, where it could have iconically heightened the pathos and fun.

But ultimately, in spite of its setbacks, the show comes together brilliantly. With a very well-developed main character, relatable domestic side plots, and ultra-dynamic action scenes, Who Is Erin Carter? is incredibly entertaining to watch. And, arguably, it’s precisely the show’s imperfect nature that makes it so enjoyable. Many of today’s viewers aren’t looking for cinematic masterpieces; they want to stream relatable shows made with creative flair, humour, and heart. Who Is Erin Carter? delivers that in every respect—and I suspect many viewers will want a season 2.

Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods

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