The first four episodes of Too Hot to Handle season 5 aired on Friday—and the show is as spicy as ever. Catch up here on everything that’s happened so far, including the surprise arrival of two new castmates.

What Happened in Episodes 1-4 of Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

A lot has gone down in a short amount of time on this round of Too Hot to Handle. It all began on a yacht, where the castmates thought they were on a different show and were shocked to discover that Lana, the Too Hot to Handle AI, would soon be watching their every move.

Several of the women were quick to make a move this season. Megan, Christine, and Hannah all had their eyes on Louis and took it in turns to woo him with flirty eye contact and applying suncream(!). Louis separately promised all three women that they could join him in bed that night—oops!

In the villa, Louis eventually settled for Hannah and, although they broke some rules together, Louis couldn’t resist Christine’s seductive charms. He kissed Christine on the beach only to kiss Hannah as well later that night. By the end of the four episodes, Louis was coupled up with Christine—but would her date with Trey, a new bombshell arrival, spoil things?

Meanwhile, Elys had two men fighting for her from the start, Hunter and Alex. Hunter made the boldest moves and won her over first. But Elys proved to be torn—while she appreciated Hunter’s physique, she found her personality clicked better with Alex’s. So much so that, when asked by Lana, Elys agreed to replace Hunter with Alex during a date and ended up settling with Alex. Alex’s then-bedmate, Megan, wasn’t too pleased…

All the while, another couple was having a drama-free time: Courtney and Isaac. They clicked early on, got close fast, and kissed by the pool in a joint pact with Hannah and Louis. Unfortunately, trouble arrived later for Isaac and Courtney in the form of a new arrival, Yazmin. At the end of the four episodes, we saw Courtney waiting nervously as Isaac returned from a date with Yazmin. Did they kiss?

No season of Too Hot to Handle is complete without the self-proclaimed accountant, and this season it comes in the form of Dre. Single over the course of the four episodes, Dre took it upon himself to criticize his housemates’ rule breaks and interrupt overly saucy conversations. Time will tell if he, too, gets distracted by a new arrival in future episodes!

A highlight of the season so far was the workshop. Brenden Durell, the THTH love guru, asked the castmates to write down their emotional baggage and explain how it causes issues for them in relationships. Louis revealed his trust issues due to childhood abandonment, while Courtney opened up about falling too fast and having her heart broken. Seeing them baseball-bat their baggage away was uplifting to watch.

Who Are the New Arrivals on Too Hot to Handle Season 5?

As mentioned, Christine goes on a date with new arrival Trey, while Isaac is sent on a date with new bombshell Yazmin. So who are Trey and Yazmin?

Trey is a model from Chicago, USA. He admits that he’s a player and gets the most girls out of his friends, but says that he’s loyal once in a relationship. Let’s see how he fares in the Too Hot to Handle villa!

The other new arrival, Yazmin, is from Montevideo, Uruguay. She says it’s easy to seduce men using her Spanish and adds that she ‘lives for drama’, because ‘if it’s not full of drama, it’s boring’. It sounds like she may cause a stir this season!

When Will the Next Episodes Drop?

Episodes 5-10 of season 5 will be released on a staggered basis over the next couple of weeks. Episodes 5-7 will be broadcast on Netflix on July 21, and episodes 8-10 will air on July 28.

All four previous seasons of Too Hot to Handle are also still available on Netflix.

…And that’s it! You’re now up-to-date with episodes 1-4 of Too Hot to Handle season 5. So far, there have been rule breaks and betrayals aplenty, and only time will tell if Lana’s teachings can help the castmates form deeper emotional connections.

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