Enforcing celibacy on groups of sexy, commitment-phobic adults, Too Hot to Handle gave us four seasons of drama, ‘rule breaks’, and heartbreak.


While some fan favourites, like Cam and Emily, left the villa smitten and coupled up, others—like Francesca—had their hearts broken back in the real world.

With that, let’s take a closer look at the current love lives of popular stars after Too Hot to Handle Season 4. Here’s your lowdown on their relationships as of May 2023!

Too Hot to Handle Season 4

Francesca Farago: She’s Engaged

Francesca had an endearing love story with Harry Jowsey in season 1—but unfortunately, it wasn’t so rosy in the real world. After periods of on-and-off dating, the pair got into disputes and called it quits, with Francesca posting teary breakup videos online.

Fortunately for Francesca, though, she has since managed to find love again: she’s now engaged to TikTok star Jesse Sullivan. If their social media is anything to go by, the couple are very loved up.

Georgia Hassarati: Dated Francesca’s Exes

Georgia caused a stir in THTH season 3. She caught the interest of several of her male housemates but got the ‘ick’ and finished the show happily alone.

Where it gets juicy is the crossover with the show Perfect Match. Broadcast a year after Georgia’s THTH season, Perfect Match shows Georgia coupling up with Francesca’s man on the show, Dom. And after Perfect Match, Georgia split with Dom and dated Francesca’s other ex, Harry Jowsey!

Although Harry and Georgia are no longer together, there remains a lot of hostility between Georgia and Francesca. They each have a rival side to the story…

Cam and Emily: Moved in Together

Cam and Emily didn’t win their season of THTH, but they’re the real winners in real life. They moved in together and enjoy life as a couple, posting cute content together regularly on social media.

Although Cam and Emily broke a lot of rules in the villa, many fans think they should have won; they achieved a strong emotional connection in the end. Time will tell if ‘Crafty Cam’ ever reverts to his old ways.

Nathan and Holly: Back Together?

Nathan and Holly’s journey was as frustrating as it was entertaining. It was hard for them to resist each other at the THTH retreat, especially on their solo nights in the suite.

Where they’re at now? Initially, the couple didn’t last long outside THTH, claiming it was down to distance, busy schedules, and the pandemic.

However, the latest is that the pair might be seeing each other again—recently on TikTok, Holly posted videos of them hanging out together. Watch this space!

Chloe Veitch: In a New Relationship

Bubbly personality Chloe got to know three male castmates over the course of THTH season 1. But the sparks didn’t quite fly—and so Chloe later went on to feature in the show Perfect Match, forming a strong but volatile connection with Shayne Jansen.

Chloe has solidly moved on from Shayne and has been in a steady relationship with hockey player Ivan Lodnia.

Harry and Beaux: No Longer Together

Harry and Beaux won THTH season 3, starting out as friends and then gradually falling in love. It was endearing to watch their connection grow. True to the show’s aim, they learned to overcome past fears and open up.

Sadly, long distances became too much for them outside the THTH villa. Perhaps the couple might reunite in the future…

Kayla and Seb: Still Seeing Each Other

Kayla and Seb were a strong couple in season 3; they clicked early on together, learned to stop breaking the rules, and each turned potential incomers down.

Although the couple also had struggles with long distances, it appears they are still loved up and seeing each other. Just recently, Kayla posted content with Seb on her Instagram.

Jawahir: Slighted by Nick

Jawahir won season 4 along with co-star Nick, but he took her for a ride post-filming. They became an official couple, but Nick allegedly flirted with other girls in front of Jawahir and concealed messages on his phone.

Unsurprisingly, the couple split, but there’s been more drama for Jawahir—it appears she had a feud with Melinda from THTH season 2.

Creed vs Sophie, Flavia, and Imogen: Moved On

In season 4, Creed earned a place among some viewers as one of the show’s more villainous characters. He immediately dumped Sophie for newcomer Flavia and lied to Flavia about his intentions with a later arrival, Imogen.

Where do the four stand now? They’ve all gone their separate ways. Sophie and Flavia have both been in relationships, Creed is living his best life, and Imogen gave birth to her baby in April 2023. Congrats to her!

Too Hot to Handle Season 4

…And that’s your roundup of some of the THTH cast’s love lives to date. You can find out more about them—and other THTH stars—by checking out their feeds on TikTok and Instagram.

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