Juel Taylor’s genre-bending directorial debut, They Cloned Tyrone, just had its worldwide Netflix premiere after a limited theatrical release in the U.S. Reminiscent of 70s Blaxpotation features, pulpy Sci-Fi has an exciting narrative, an all-star cast, and all the makings of a future cult classic.


Where can you watch They Cloned Tyrone in the UAE?

They Cloned Tyrone is now streaming on Netflix in the UAE. If you don’t have one, you can create an account to watch this movie and other shows on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer any free trials.

British actor John Boyega stars as Fontaine, a drug dealer trying to make it through his repetitive days in his primarily black urban neighbourhood, the Glenn. We don’t know where exactly in the country the Glenn is, nor do we get any clear indication as to when the action is happening. We know that Fontaine is a hardened criminal with a soft side. He shares his beer with the older homeless drunk outside the convenience store; he tries to keep the local kids away from his illegal activities and tries taking care of his mother, who’s been mostly hiding in her room since the death of Fontaine’s younger brother.

When Fontaine goes to collect a debt from the pimp Slick Charles (Jamie Foxx), he is met with a slew of bullets outside the motel from his rival Issac (J. Alphonse Nicholson). Slick sees the murder, as does one of his “girls,” Yo-Yo (Teyonah Parris). 

They Cloned Tyrone

But the next day, Fontaine wakes up alive and well at home and continues his usual routine. At first, it’s easy to believe you’re watching a 2023 rendition of Groundhog Day. But when Fontaine goes to collect his money from Slick, the wisecracking pimp looks like he’s seen a ghost. Once Slick, Fontaine, and a reluctant Yo-Yo start discussing the events, it’s apparent there’s something seriously eerie happening in the Glenn. And the three unlikely heroes are the only ones who can get to the bottom of it. 

Delightful genre blending

What follows is a delightful mix of Scooby Doo meets Blackspoitation meets Sci-Fi thriller meets comedy with a good amount of social satire. Fontaine, Slick, and Yo-Yo uncover a conspiracy happening right underneath their feet. The residents of their neighbourhood are being experimented on. Certain people are being cloned for bizarre reasons. And there’s something weird going on with the fried chicken at their local fast-food joint. 

They Cloned Tyrone

The chemistry between the three leads and the way they bounce off each other in the scenes they share is brilliant. Boyega’s performance as the hardened drug dealer with a soft side is on point, while Jamie Foxx does an excellent job as a wisecracking pimp with a heart of gold. Parris keeps the team together, and while she’s hilarious, she also acts as the moral voice of reason, keeping both men focused on their mission. 

These characters are so well written they don’t fall under the portrayed stereotypes. The script gives them enough breathing space to interact with each other as real people would. A notable exception to that is Kiefer Sutherland’s villain, who’s written like a cartoon caricature.

They Cloned Tyrone

On top of stellar performances by the cast, They Cloned Tyrone has top-notch action sequences and engaging storylines. While the social commentary is on point, it doesn’t take away from how entertaining the film is. 

This is the film to land on Netflix this year, and it’s a tough act to beat. Blending so many different genres can sometimes go sideways, but in They Cloned Tyrone, it enhances a brilliant story. 

Lori C
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