Season 2 of The Ultimatum has caused a stir so far, and audiences have been quick to share their views online—especially in the form of witty memes. 

Catch up here on all the viral viewer reactions to the events of The Ultimatum season 2!

Where can you watch The Ultimatum?

The Ultimatum is now streaming on Netflix in the UAE. If you don’t have one, you can create a Netflix account to watch this movie and other shows on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer any free trials in the Middle East, so you’ll have to subscribe for at least one month.

Viral Reactions and Memes About Each Couple on The Ultimatum Season 2

Lisa and Brian

Lisa and Brian were one of the first couples to create drama in season 2. Brian connected quickly with a younger woman, Riah, whom Lisa was very unhappy about. Overcome with emotion, Lisa pushed Brian’s face and argued with him loudly outside a bar.

Soon after, it was revealed that Lisa and Brian would no longer participate in the show—Lisa had obtained a positive pregnancy test. Many viewers have asked whether the pregnancy test was faked as a means of stopping Brian from bonding further with Riah.

Roxanne and Antonio

Roxanne and Antonio also had their fair share of drama. Roxanne’s trial marriage with Alex ended in a huge argument after he accused her of disrespecting Antonio. Roxanne appeared to be very triggered by these observations, while Alex seemed to enjoy winding Roxanne up.

Antonio’s trial marriage with Kat was also unsuccessful; Alex seemed hung up on Roxanne and unable to connect with Kat. After finding out about Alex’s accusations of disrespect, Antonio left the flat he shared with Kat and ran dramatically through the dark streets in search of Roxanne.

Alex and Kat

Some viewers aren’t fans of Alex, particularly after his toxic altercation with Roxanne. He also refused to back down or apologise for the havoc he caused between her and Antonio. To be fair to Alex, though, many viewers actually agree with his comments about Roxanne disrespecting Antonio.

Kat, meanwhile, seems to be one of the least problematic cast members. Viewers describe her as mature and empathetic, which may explain why others have vented to her on the show. A standout moment was Roxanne’s explosive reaction when Kat brought up Antonio’s passions.

Ryann and James

Even before season 2 aired, audiences already had opinions about James. As seen in the promotional videos, James says in front of Ryann that he doesn’t believe in ‘one true love’, despite having been in a serious relationship with her for seven years.

Knowingly or not, Ryann got her own back later in the series. She bonded incredibly well with Trey during their trial marriage and, when back with James, couldn’t help gushing about their fun times together. It’s fair to say James was not impressed!

Riah and Trey

While Trey had a fun-filled trial marriage with Ryann, Riah had a harder time with James, who quickly became very distant with her. This confirmed to Riah that she wanted to be with Trey—but when back together, the couple’s differences soon came to the surface.

Despite Riah’s reservations about Trey, she still seemed attached to him. On hearing how close he got to Ryann in his trial marriage, Riah was caught visibly shaking. As the days progressed, she remained unable to get over how quickly Trey had developed feelings for somebody else.

…So you’re now up-to-date with episodes 1-8 of The Ultimatum season 2! We’ll report on episodes 9 and 10, too, when they air—so remember to come back to Tbreak for all your updates on this season’s happenings.

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