David Fincher’s newest thriller, The Killer, made quite an impression around the festival circuit before finding its way to Netflix. After premiering at the 80th Venice International Film Festival, the movie had a very limited U.S. theatrical release before becoming available to stream on the platform. Based on the namesake French graphic novel, the film offers a close-up look into the mind of a murderer for hire.

Where can you watch The Killer in the UAE?

The Killer is now streaming on Netflix in the UAE. If you don’t have one, you can create a Netflix account to watch this series and other shows on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer any free trials in Dubai and the UAE, so you’ll have to subscribe for at least one month.

The Killer Review

4 /5
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Suspenseful
  • Beautifully shot


  • Predictable

The film starts with the unnamed titular Killer, played by Michael Fassbender (who came out of retirement for this role), in Paris as he’s staking out a luxury hotel. Armed with a snipper riffle, the character’s narration delves into his views on life, his cynicism, and his lack of empathy for his victims.

During the first few scenes, we learn he’s been sheltering in the abandoned building across the street from the hotel for more than five days. The lack of sleep or comfort combined with intense boredom is starting to affect his mental state. When the target finally arrives at the hotel, he’s in the company of a dominatrix. Our killer aims his riffle, pulls the trigger, and accidentally hits the poor woman instead of his intended target. 

Unfortunately for the assassin, he’s not in the type of business that tolerates mistakes of this magnitude. When he arrives home to his hideout in the Dominican Republic, he finds that fellow assassins The Brute (Sala Baker) and The Expert (Tilda Swinton) have already been looking for him and tortured his girlfriend in his absence. 

This leaves the protagonist with no choice but to find and hunt down everyone involved in placing the hit on him, including his handler, the lawyer Hodges (Charles Parnell), the assassins who hurt his girlfriend, to the man who ordered the entire ordeal, the billionaire client Claybourne (Arliss Howard). 

An amoral character study

Most of the movie is a character study into the titular professional assassin’s mind. He barely speaks or interacts with the people he comes across, and his motivations are mere repetitions of the “rules” he set for himself to keep doing this type of work. While he claims not to care, going after those who wronged him instead of taking his considerable wealth and one of his many 70s sitcom fake identities to disappear proves how much he lies to himself. 

The Killer is a fascinating and beautifully shot thriller. Instead of focusing on action scenes and explosions, Fincher forces the viewer to walk alongside this amoral protagonist. It’s uncomfortable but hard to look away. And when we do get to see on-screen violence, it feels more brutal. 

Michael Fassbender plays this meticulous character to perfection. Aside from the narration, he doesn’t have much dialogue, but the actor is great at conveying character emotions. From the supportive cast, Tilda Swinton’s cameo is the most delightful part of the film. She plays another assassin, but her approach to life and the job is polar opposite to the protagonist.

Overall, this movie is a prime example of suspenseful artistry within a genre mostly known for its violence. If you’re a fan of Fincher’s unique style of filmmaking, you’ll probably love The Killer.

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