The Brothers Sun Review

3.5 /5
  • Compelling mystery
  • Michelle Yeoh
  • Great action shots


  • Some reveals are predictable
  • Slow for the main narrative to start

Netflix’s new action comedy, The Brothers Sun, is the first project Brad Falchuk produced for the streamer as part of a recently signed deal. Falchuck, whose previous work includes co-creating American Horror Story and Glee, co-wrote this series with Byron Wu.

Featuring performances from an all-star cast, including Academy-winner Michelle Yeoh, the eight-episode show follows the titular brothers, who were raised in different worlds, as they reconnect and learn to work together in the face of deadly adversity.


The Brothers Sun review

Charles (Justin Chien) and Bruce Sun  (Sam Song Li) are brothers, but they couldn’t be any different. Where Charles was groomed by his father to eventually take over his crime empire as the boss of a Taiwanese triad, Bruce was raised by his devoted mother, Eileen “Mama” Sun, in blissful oblivion of his family’s criminal background.

The series opens with Charles in his luxurious apartment baking a cake while watching The Great British Bake-Off. Three assassins rudely interrupt his quiet evening, and Charles fends them off with the finesse and expertise of a hardened gangster. However, the men who attacked Charles were only trying to get his triad boss father out of hiding, shooting the older man in the stomach within minutes of entering his son’s apartment.

The sophisticated attack ends with the family’s patriarch in a coma, leaving Charles with no choice but to travel to L.A. to try and protect his estranged mother and brother. To Bruce’s dismay, wherever Charles goes, trouble follows. Bruce doesn’t remember his early years in Taipei, as Eileen was desperate to raise at least one of her children away from the criminal underworld. 

Up until his older sibling’s arrival, Bruce was a pre-med college student with a hidden passion for improv acting. Now, he’s thrown into a battle for survival involving the Triads, local drug dealers, and, of course, the mysterious attackers who seem determined to end his family for good. 

Compelling story and dark humour

This eight-episode series was built for binge-watching, and it would be hard not to finish watching it in one sitting. Along with the compelling story, the series offers an array of well-choreographed action shots and an overarching mystery that keeps getting more intriguing with each new reveal.  

As the title suggests, at the heart of the story lies the relationship between these two brothers, who start as virtual strangers. The series also explores its more dramatic themes of familial bonds and expectations while staying entertaining. It never goes too deep into the drama, but it doesn’t fall into the trap of treating its characters like caricatures. 

That’s partially thanks to the excellent cast performances, specifically Michelle Yeoh, who once again proves her status as an acting powerhouse. While she isn’t the protagonist, she carries the cast and adds much-needed nuance to a character who keeps her cards close to her chest. Justin Chien and Sam Song Li have genuine chemistry and play the parts of mismatched brothers connivingly well. 

After the initial action-jammed scene, the series spends most of the pilot and its second episode setting the stage for the main plot. The Brothers Sun is the type of show that keeps getting better as it approaches its conclusion. 

The Brothers Sun is a well-written black comedy with plenty of action and compelling characters you can’t help but root for. There’s plenty of family drama, hilarious elements (assassins in dinosaur suits, need I say more?), and a story full of surprising twists and turns. It offers a fun and fresh approach to the tired gangster genre. 

Where can you watch The Brothers Sun in the UAE and Saudi Arabia?

The Brothers Sun is now streaming on Netflix in the UAE or Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer free trials in the UAE or Saudi Arabia, so you’ll have to subscribe for at least one month to watch this. Netflix plans start at AED 29 per month.

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