It’s rare for TV shows to receive the universal critical acclaim FX’s The Bear got. But in this case, the acclaim is very much deserved. The Emmy-winning show created by Christopher Storer uses extreme close-ups and fast-moving shots to brilliantly show the trials and tribulations of an ambitious young Chef who takes over his family’s restaurant in the aftermath of a tragedy.


Where can you watch The Bear season 2 in the UAE?

The Bear season 2 is streaming on Disney Plus in the UAE. There is no free trial currently available for Disney Plus in the UAE, and you’ll have to sign up for it to watch it.

The Bear season 2 review

If the first season followed Carmy Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) trying to run the struggling sandwich shop his deceased brother left behind, the second instalment watches these characters we got to know to grow into their own as people and kitchen professionals. Season finale Braciole ended with Carmy and his staff discovering a large sum of money his brother hid in the tomato sauce. So, naturally, they decide to close down the sandwich shop and reopen as The Bear, a fine dining establishment.

The Bear season 2

After convincing Uncle Cicero (Oliver Platt) to let them keep the money and continue investing in the business, the group must open the new restaurant in only a few short months. Carmy reconnects with and starts dating his old school crush, Claire (Molly Gordon), which becomes a bit of a love-triangle situation with Sydney (Ayo Edebiri). We learn more about Richie’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) heartbreaking backstory and get to watch him build up the confidence he needs to be the front-of-house of an upscale restaurant. Marcus (Lionel Boyce) seeks further education to fulfil his dream of becoming a pastry chef, while Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas) tries to find her place in the new endeavour. 

Abby Elliott also gets a more prominent role this season as her character, Sugar, takes a more hands-on approach to help her brother open his dream restaurant. You’ll also see several well-known actors, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Bob Odenkirk, and Sarah Paulson, appearing in guest roles throughout the ten episodes. 

The Bear season 2

Excellent storytelling

The Bear isn’t the type of show to watch when you need to relax. Fast-moving shots and extreme close-ups ensure the viewer feels the same level of anxiety as the characters. The camera places the audience right in the middle of the drama, never giving you space to breathe, making it easy to forget you’re not watching real life unfold but a scripted series. And the food looks so spectacular, it’s hard not to try reaching for it through the screen. 

In many ways, the second season is better than the first. Instead of watching these characters forced to work together at all times, they also get more time for their individual stories outside of work. 

The Bear season 2

Season two’s standout is the flashback episode, Fishes. Set five years earlier, the episode centres on how a typical Christmas Eve celebration would go for the Berzatto family. We meet Carmy and Richie’s extended family members and fully understand the dysfunction that shaped them into who they are today. It’s an anxiety-inducing episode that might remind some viewers of the chaos present at their family reunions. 

Overall, if you enjoyed season one of The Bear, you will likely love season two. It’s one of the few series currently running that accurately depicts the human condition. 

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