Love Is Blind season 5 is here, and the show is messier than ever. Already, there has been lying, backstabbing, judging, and trauma dumping—and there was a shocking twist involving Aaliyah, Uche, and Lydia.

Here, you can catch up on the 10 biggest red flags shown by contestants so far on Love Is Blind season 5.

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11/29/2023 05:13 pm GMT

1. Did Lydia Befriend Aaliyah with Ulterior Motives?

Lydia and Aaliyah became close very quickly this season, with Lydia consoling Aaliyah several times when she was upset. But viewers soon questioned Lydia’s motives when it turned out she had a history with Uche, the man Aaliyah was getting close to in the pods.

After confessing all to Aaliyah, Lydia then bombarded her with details about Uche, including his house, car, friends, and favourite colour and whisky. It was all too much for Aaliyah and it gave the impression that Lydia might try to get between her and Uche—huge red flag.

2. Is Lydia Too Desperate for Love?

Lydia has cried multiple times so far about her desperate need to find love. The extent of her despair is worrying and could be a red flag. Will she take on anyone for the sake of it? Does she genuinely like Milton, or is she simply staying with him because Uche turned her down? 

Interestingly, the preview at the end of the first four episodes shows Milton’s family claiming that Lydia’s interest in Milton is ‘phoney’.

3. Will Aaliyah Cheat Again?

Aaliyah revealed in a conversation with Uche that she cheated on an ex two years ago because her sexual needs were unmet, and the ex did nothing to change that. This begs the question: would Aaliyah cheat again if things were to get rocky with Uche? As some people say, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’.

4. Did Uche Grill Aaliyah Too Much?

Although Uche was rightly unimpressed that Aaliyah cheated on her ex, he gave Aaliyah an unfairly hard time with his probing questions—especially given that he wasn’t innocent in hiding things about Lydia!

With a lawyer-like interrogation, Uche pushed Aaliyah into feeling ashamed and morally inferior in a tone that some viewers found self-righteous and condescending. This could be a red flag if Uche dons a superior attitude in more situations with Aaliyah in the future.

5. Is Johnie’s History Toxic?

Johnie revealed some rocky details about her past on a pod date with Izzy. She had once been in love with a man with substance abuse issues but he passed away after she married a new man. Johnie was very sad as the deceased was the only man she had ever truly loved.

There are a couple of red flags here:

  • The possibility that Johnie will never love a man the same again and so any new partner will feel inadequate;
  • Johnie’s willingness to get married to a ‘rebound’, a man she didn’t truly love.

6. Did Johnie Lie About What She Wants?

Johnie gave off even more red flags in her to-ing and fro-ing between Izzy and Chris. She told Izzy that she had always gone for ‘safe’ men but was never in love with them, and that’s why she rejected Chris, whom she found less ‘exciting’. But in the pods with Chris, Johnie said the opposite: she wasn’t used to dating ‘safe’ men, so she felt drawn to Izzy’s excitement.

All of that suggests that Johnie was either flat-out lying to the men or was genuinely confused and lacking in self-awareness. Whether Johnie is lying or just being chaotic, it’s a red flag.

7. Is Izzy Emotionally Unavailable?

Izzy repeatedly mentioned his desire to find an emotionally available woman, but this could be a cover-up for his lack of such qualities. Izzy ultimately proposed to Stacy as their dates were more surface-level and fun-loving, without too much depth of conversation.

The biggest red flag was when Izzy immediately shut down and covered his head as Johnie opened up about her past.

8. Has Stacy Refused to Open Up?

Stacy has also seemed quite closed off on Love Is Blind season 5. She hasn’t befriended any of the other women, nor did she talk to any of them about her dates in the pods. We also haven’t heard much about Stacy’s past or struggles.

Some viewers predict that Stacy might prove to be messy in the next stages of the experiment when the newly engaged couples spend time together as a group. Will Izzy become a player and get Stacy’s head in a twist?

9. Is Taylor Too Judgemental About JP’s Looks and Demeanour?

After meeting him for the first time, Taylor commented on JP’s awkwardness and tooth gap. It seemed a little judgemental. If Taylor already has a bias against JP from the start, it could lead to toxic issues. Remember how Irina judged Zack at first sight in season 4?

10.  Has Taylor Got Over Her Lack of Self-Love?

Taylor also revealed to the cameras that she didn’t love herself in the past. Time will tell if Taylor has self-love now; such issues tend to come to the fore in relationships, especially in the intense, highly charged environment that is Love Is Blind.

…And that’s a wrap! Episodes 1-4 of Love Is Blind season 5 were as toxic as ever, and there’s bound to be more drama as the next episodes unfold. Stay up to date with Tbreak!

Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods

Lucy studied modules in cinema and visual culture at university. Her favourite genres include crime, reality, dystopian, and biopics. In addition to writing for Tbreak, Lucy writes and edits for various lifestyle publications.

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