Still Up is a British quirky romantic comedy created by Steve Burge and Natalie Walter. As we’ve become accustomed to content from Apple TV, the first three episodes premiered on September 22, with subsequent instalments released weekly on a Friday. The series has a simple yet effective premise – It follows two best friends who rely on each other to get through insomnia-filled nights.

Where can you watch Still Up in the UAE?

Still Up is now streaming on Apple TV Plus in the UAE. There is no free trial currently available for Apple TV in the UAE, but if you buy an Apple device such as an Apple TV or an iPhone, you also get free access to the platform for a limited time.

Still Up review

Still Up

✅Great performances
✅ Genuinely hilarious moments
✅ Cute concept

❌ The FaceTime-ing gets tiresome
❌ Borders on bizzare

The film stars Antonia Thomas as the free-spirited Lisa and Craig Roberts as the agoraphobic journalist/listicle writer Danny. Each night, the two spend their nights FaceTime-ing about everything and nothing. From strange late-night pharmacy runs to hysterical lies to avoid attending a cat’s birthday party, no weird conversation topic is off-limits.

They both live in London but never meet in person, partly due to Danny’s anxiety, which renders him incapable of leaving his flat. Luckily, his neighbour Adam (Luke Fetherston) is always close by and willing to do Danny’s shopping and help with any other errands he might have. 

Still Up

Their bond has romantic undertones, yet neither is prepared to admit they have feelings for the other. When Lisa signs Danny up for a dating app, it’s revealed they share a compatibility of 91%. But, of course, Lisa is dating the sweet-natured and boring Veggie (Blake Harrison), who even accepted her daughter as his own. 

Lighthearted entertainment

As the episodes are short and the story is lighthearted, this series is easy to get through. There are a couple of hilarious moments, but the crux of the narrative is the will-they-won’t-they building up between our two leads. 

Thomas stands out as Lisa. She brings charm and likeability to a character whose actions can be reprehensible. For example, she takes her daughter Poppy on a school trip, knowing she’s got chickenpox, which unsurprisingly leads to several more kids at school falling ill. We shouldn’t like Lisa; she’s selfish, loud, and shows little regard for anyone who isn’t herself. Yet, Thomas makes her appear quirky and lovable. 

Still Up

As for Roberts, he does an impressive job with a character whose life happens exclusively inside his apartment. Danny is still pining after his ex, but from the first few episodes, we learn little about his agoraphobia. 

Flashbacks reveal that Danny wasn’t always confined to his apartment, but his inability to walk outside remains a mystery. That is, hopefully, something the show will explore more as the series progresses. 

Still Up

While the two leads have good chemistry, watching them communicate exclusively on a screen can get tiresome. Some of the best scenes happen when they’re off the phone, and that defeats the whole premise of the show. However, that’s quite a minor issue in an otherwise entertaining series. 

While not perfect, Still Up is a charming series where the character’s insomnia is secondary to their obvious attraction for one another. It features two quirky leads played by highly competent actors. The situations they find themselves in border on bizarre, but they’re amusing enough to keep viewers engaged. 

What are the other critics saying about Still Up?

Justin Watches Movies praised the series, particularly the friendship and bond between Lisa and Danny. 

Matthieu Côté liked parts of the show but felt certain parts were overly simplistic.  

Lori C
Lori C

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