Where can you watch Secret Invasion in the UAE?

Secret Invasion is streaming on Disney Plus in the UAE. There is no free trial currently available for Disney Plus in the UAE, and you’ll have to sign up for it to watch it.

Secret Invasion review

Released as a part of the MCU’s Phase Five, Secret Invasion is the first series in the franchise led by Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. The six-episode miniseries created by Kyle Bradstreet follows the former S.H.I.E.L.D director as he tries to stop a group of shapeshifting Skrull rebels from taking over the world. This marks Nick Fury’s return to Earth after the events in Avengers: Endgame restored him to life following the traumatic Blip (when Thanos erased him from existence along with half of all life in the Universe). 


Episode one is set in Moscow, where Nick Fury responds to a request from Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) to return to Earth because there’s a new threat to the planet and humanity itself. 

Secret Invasion

We learn that a rebel group of Skrulls led by Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) have had enough of waiting for Fury to fulfil his promise of finding them a new home, so they’ve taken matters into their own hands. The group has been organizing terrorist attacks for years, but they now plan to incite a war that will effectively erase the human race. 

From the very beginning, there’s a sense of paranoia as the Skrulls are shapeshifters, making it impossible to know who to trust. Talos’s daughter, G’iah (Emilia Clarke), is on the rebel’s side, raising the stakes even further. Also aware of the plan is Sonya Falsworth (Olivia Colman), a high-ranking MI6 operative whose methods are less gentle than Fury’s. 

Secret Invasion

On top of dealing with the Skrulls invasion plan, Nick Fury is also struggling with the aftermath of the Blip and the loss of the Avengers. There’s a lot of baggage and unresolved issues he’s been avoiding by spending the past few years hiding in space. It doesn’t help that most people consider him a broken man and doubt his ability to take on this new and crucial mission.

A thrilling start

While the first episode of the series mostly consists of exposition, there’s a dark undertone setting up expectations for what’s to follow. There’s not much lightheartedness to Secret Invasion. The villains have a pretty valid complaint, their plan is brutal, and Nick Fury is no longer the irritating know-it-all who put the Avengers together all those years ago. Hiding in space didn’t heal his wounds, and he still needs to face the loss of many of his friends. 

Secret Invasion

Samuel L. Jackson gives a fantastic performance, as usual, and proves Marvel giving Nick Fury the lead has been way overdue. It’s great to see the return of characters such as Sonya Falsworth, perfectly embodied by Olivia Coleman, and Maria Hill, who’s been a small yet significant MCU presence since the first Avengers movie. 

So far, Phase Five has been a bit of a mixed bag, but Secret Invasion shows a lot of promise. The episode builds a lot of explosive momentum for what’s promising to be a worthwhile showdown. With less flashy superheroes and more political spy thriller, Marvel’s latest series is up to a great start. And this could be a much-needed return to form for the MCU. 

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