Perfect Match was an immediate hit when it first dropped in early 2023. The show takes stars from other Netflix reality series and gives them a new chance at finding love.


Season 1 of Perfect Match featured Joey Sasso, Francesca Farago, Dom Gabriel, and Chloe Veitch, among others. But which reality stars will take part in season 2?

Rumours about the season 2 cast are rife—and many of them are well-founded. Here you can get to know all the rumours (and evidence!) about the cast of Perfect Match season 2.

Perfect Match Season 2 Is Being Filmed Right Now

Based on her insider sources, Natalie Lee from Love Is Blind confirmed in her podcast that filming for Perfect Match 2 is happening right now. Filming began on around 14 August and will continue for 4-5 weeks.

Natalie’s news confirm what fans had already been speculating on Reddit: several Netflix reality stars haven’t posted much on social media lately, implying that they may currently be away and filming for Perfect Match. Keep reading to find out who the stars are!

The Show’s Host, Nick Lachey, Offered Clues About the Cast

Nick Lachey hosted the first season of Perfect Match and, given his renewed contract for Love Is Blind season 5, it looks like he will be hosting Perfect Match season 2, too. There’s currently no evidence to suggest otherwise!

In a revealing interview, Nick hinted at who might take part in Perfect Match season 2. He cited Cole Barnett and Bartise Bowden from Love Is Blind season 3, as well as Cole’s ex from the show, Zanab Jaffrey. Bartise’s participation is questionable, though, given that he’s now a father to a newborn baby.

Cole and Zanab from Love Is Blind season 3

Nick said that it would be especially favourable to cast both Cole and Zanab on Perfect Match 2, given the pair’s history: ‘Throw (in) a couple who didn’t work out in Love Is Blind and see if they rekindled that in Perfect Match or if it was just oil and water’.

To recap, Cole criticised Zanab’s appearance and eating habits on Love Is Blind, while Zanab appeared to treat him with passive aggression and projection. Such a controversial dynamic is something that the Perfect Match producers might want to capitalise on.

Adding fuel to the speculation, fans recently observed that Cole’s Instagram has been suspiciously quiet lately. Is he busy filming for Perfect Match season 2?

Natalie from Love Is Blind Also Has Some Hot Predictions

In her podcast, Natalie Lee also revealed who she thinks might be filming Perfect Match season 2. Natalie’s predictions likely have some accuracy as she was considered for the show herself and has insider knowledge as a Netflix reality star.

Natalie predicts that Micah Lussier, Paul Peden, and Irina Solomonova from Love Is Blind will all be featured. This trio would certainly make for some juicy television, given their dramatic stories on Love Is Blind season 4 and their controversial reception among fans.

Paul, Irina, and Micah from Love Is Blind season 4

On Love Is Blind, Micah was happy to marry Paul, but he shockingly turned her down last-minute for her lack of a ‘nurturing quality’. Meanwhile, Irina was slammed by viewers for her alleged ‘mean girl’ behaviour towards other women and her partner on the show, Zack.

Confirming Natalie’s predictions, a Redditor reported that Micah currently has a 4-week out-of-office notice at her workplace. Redditors also noticed that Irina’s social media presence waned recently, while Paul has been posting less content about his girlfriend. Are the trio all filming Perfect Match right now?

Deepti Predicts the Return of a Season 1 Cast Member 

Natalie’s podcast co-host, Deepti Vempati, also starred in Love Is Blind and said she thinks that Cole Barnett, Zanab Jaffrey, and Dom Gabriel will be on Perfect Match season 2. This echoes Nick Lachey’s predictions about Cole and Zanab, while Dom’s participation could be evidenced by his relatively low-key presence on social media lately.

Dom from Perfect Match season 1

It would make sense to cast Dom as he is very well known and seemingly embroiled in drama. Dom won season 1 of Perfect Match with Georgia Hassarati, but they quickly came into conflict after the show and are still feuding to this day. Dom is also, inadvertently, a rather polarising figure: while some viewers appreciate his openness to emotional connections, others interpret it as an unhealthy attachment style.

A Reliable Instagram Page Has Juicy Insider Info…

@Toohottea, which posts regular updates about Netflix reality gossip, claims it has knowledge from ‘close sources’ about who else will be on Perfect Match season 2.

The rumoured participants are Harry Jowsey, Nigel Jones, Dominique Defoe, and (as per Deepti’s prediction) Dom Gabriel. All of them, except Dom, featured on previous seasons of Too Hot to Handle.

As a recap, Dominique is admired for her fiery feminism, which could add pizazz to Perfect Match. Nigel ended up with Dominique on Too Hot to Handle, but the sparks didn’t fly and he received little airtime. Will Perfect Match 2 be his time to shine?

Nigel and Dominique from Too Hot to Handle season 4

Harry, meanwhile, is the ex of two of the most famous women from Netflix reality TV: Georgia Hassarati and Francesca Farago. Harry has had serious drama with Georgia lately, and being on Perfect Match 2 might ignite even more chaos for him—something the producers would likely want to capitalise on.

Harry from Too Hot to Handle season 1

Redditors Believe Three More People Are in the Cast

Three more people are suspected to be filming Perfect Match right now: Marshall Glaze, Justin Glaze, and Shelby Tschohl. Although Marshall and Shelby are supposedly in relationships, that hasn’t stopped other stars from taking part in dating shows before.

Who are Marshall and Justin? While Marshall is from Love Is Blind, Justin is his cousin, and both men were spotted shopping with Micah recently. Redditors speculate that the trio might be teaming up to have each others’ backs on Perfect Match, given that strategy and secret alliances are key to success on the show.

Marshall from Love Is Blind season 4

However, some Redditors question Justin’s rumoured involvement: Perfect Match season 1 only included stars from Netflix-original reality shows, while Justin’s claim to fame is starring in The Bachelor, which isn’t on Netflix.

Meanwhile, the rumours about Shelby Tschohl are based on her recent Instagram post stating that her ‘phone will be on DND till further notice’. However, some Redditors think it’s unlikely that she’ll be cast for Perfect Match, since she isn’t directly a reality TV star. Shelby is simply a close friend of Micah’s who happened to appear in a few scenes on Love Is Blind.

Shelby did cause quite a stir on Love Is Blind, though, which could make her a great fit for Perfect Match. Shelby seemingly tried to sabotage Micah’s relationship with Paul and was even spotted laughing on Micah’s wedding day after Paul turned Micah down at the altar.

Shelby, a friend of Micah’s from Love Is Blind season 4

If the rumours are true that Micah and Shelby will be on Perfect Match season 2, it looks like there will be a lot of drama and controversy.

Summary of the Most Likely Cast Members on Season 2

Given the speculations by reality insiders and fans, we think the most likely cast members on Perfect Match season 2 are Cole, Zanab, Micah, Paul, Irina, Dom, Harry, Nigel, Dominique, Marshall, and possibly Shelby.

That sounds like a lot of people already, but there could actually be around 20 people taking part in Perfect Match altogether, both directly and indirectly. 

Following season 1’s structure, there will be around 12 initial castmates, but at regular intervals, a challenge-winning couple will get to view a list of potential incomers and choose new arrivals to the villa.

Do you have your own predictions about who else might be in the cast of Perfect Match season 2? Share them in the comments section below!

Rumour has it that Perfect Match season 2 will air in early 2024.

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