Love Is Blind season 5 has already involved two of the couples quitting the show, nearly all of them having serious arguments and various controversial behaviours coming to light. 

As ever, viewers have taken to social media to voice their opinions on the show’s happenings. Catch up here on all the viral viewer reactions to episodes 5-7 of Love Is Blind season 5!

1. JP’s Obsession with Flags Is Concerning

Throughout the season, JP has worn multiple items of clothing emblazoned with US flags. Viewers have interpreted this as JP having nationalist tendencies, and some have jokingly speculated that he may have attended the far-right Capitol riots of 2021.

2. Taylor Can Wear Heavy Makeup If She Likes

JP struggled to communicate with Taylor during their short partnership, and he blamed this on being put off by Taylor’s heavily made-up face when they first met. 

Taylor rightly found this explanation insufficient, and supportive fans have joked that she should have deliberately worn a full face of makeup on the day she broke up with JP.

3. Is Stacy’s Too Fixated on Fancy Tableware?

Some fans claim Stacy has a right to dislike Izzy’s cupboard-full of plastic cups. It suggests that he might still be an immature bachelor and not truly ready for a grown-up lifestyle.

Other viewers, meanwhile, are less impressed with Stacy’s fixation on Izzy’s tableware. They consider it judgemental and classist. As Izzy himself hinted, his tableware shouldn’t get in the way of her love for him.

4. Izzy Took Too Much Pleasure in ‘Railing’ Johnie in an Argument

Izzy was right to be frustrated with Johnie for miscommunicating her situation to him and Chris. She gave them both conflicting stories about her past.

However, viewers aren’t happy with how Izzy dealt with his frustration. At a group event, we witnessed him get very verbally aggressive with Johnie and boast about ‘railing’ her after. Why was Izzy so invested in getting revenge?

5. Did Lydia Secretly See Uche’s Application to the Show?

In the new episodes, Uche reveals that Lydia stalked his female Instagram followers and even sent him a photo of his home saying ‘I see you’.

These stalker-like behaviours have led some viewers (and Aaliyah) to believe that Lydia secretly discovered that Uche was going on Love Is Blind and so decided to apply too. Uche has confirmed that there is evidence for this and says he’ll provide more details in due course.

6. Does Milton Genuinely Like Lydia or Not?

After seeing Lydia and Milton living together, some viewers are questioning the chemistry between them.

Supporting this theory is the fact that Milton still had a girlfriend prior to the show and seemed to be joining Love Is Blind for clout, not love.

7. Uche’s Views on Cheating Seem Hypocritical

In episodes 1-4, Uche slammed Aaliyah for cheating on an ex two years ago. Yet in episodes 5-7, we learn that Uche himself cheated on Lydia recently when they were together!

Many viewers thus find Uche’s criticism of Aaliyah’s cheating hypocritical and unfair.

8. Is Uche Manipulative with His Words?

‘I can’t believe some girl said something to you and you let that come in between us’ says Uche in the video clip.

Many viewers are seeing some manipulative tendencies in the way that Uche seemingly misinterprets Aaliyah’s situation and twists it into making her feel guilty and invalidated. Lydia isn’t ‘some girl’!

9. Aaliyah Was Right to Voice Her Frustrations

In her breakup conversation with Uche, Aaliyah expressed her frustration at Uche and Lydia being cast on Love Is Blind despite the pair knowing each other previously.

Aaliyah cleverly said that Uche and Lydia should have applied to The Ultimatum if that’s what they needed. The Ultimatum is a rival Netflix dating show that tests the strength of couples in rocky relationships by getting them to split temporarily and do a trial marriage with someone else.

10. None of the Couples Inspire Hope This Season

So far, every couple on Love Is Blind season 5 has shown some quite serious problems. It seems very unlikely that they will end up in successful marriages like the ones we saw on Love Is Blind season 4.

Remember Brett and Tiffany, Chelsea and Kwame, and Zack and Bliss? They’re truly in a different league to the couples on Love Is Blind season 5. It says it all that two season 5 couples have already split and gone home!

…And that’s a wrap. Do you agree with the trending opinions about Love Is Blind season 5, episodes 5-7? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods

Lucy studied modules in cinema and visual culture at university. Her favourite genres include crime, reality, dystopian, and biopics. In addition to writing for Tbreak, Lucy writes and edits for various lifestyle publications.

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