Film AlUla has announced that the third season of Robert Gilling’s Paper Empire will be shot entirely in AlUla, an Oasis city in the Northwestern part of Saudi Arabia. The star-studded ten-episode season starring Robert Davi, Denise Richards, Kelsey Grammar, Anne Archer, Carol Alt and Wesley Snipes is set to showcase the region’s diverse locations and breathtaking landscapes.

According to the press statement, pre-production activities in AlUla have already begun, and the filming will commence sometime later this year.

Paper Empire follows the story of Laurene Fintch, who attempts to create a singular dominant cryptocurrency, but things go wrong quickly after his algorithm inadvertently opens a digital black hole that he calls “digital limbo”.

His plans to merge all currencies and take on the world banks spirals out of control, bringing forth a Financial Armageddon and leading to his eventual arrest. As his technology gets investigated by the CIA and FBI, they uncover a web of lies and corruption that goes far beyond his actions.

Paper Empire creator impressed by AlUla

“As the creator of Paper Empire, it is extremely exciting to develop the storyline of the show and begin filming season three in the ancient oasis city of AlUla,” said Rober Gillings, Creator and Director of the show. “ AlUla is called “The Worlds Masterpiece” for a very good reason, and I spent days scouting its golden sands and sandstone arches, historic Old Town, founded in 6 BC, the ancient Tombs of Hegra, a UNESCO site and the largest glass building in the world, The Maraya Concert Hall. I was impressed by the professionalism and hospitality provided and immediately inspired by the capabilities of Film AlUla and Film AlUla’s Executive Director, Charlene Deleon-Jones, on my trip.”

Film AlUla has hosted 754 production days since its opening in 2020. They have offered their services to big Hollywood productions like Gerard Butler’s Kandahar, the first Hollywood feature to shoot almost entirely in the region. Other productions include Tom Holland’s Cherry; the first Saudi feature film Norah, which has an all-Saudi cast and over 40% Saudi crew; and many TV productions like Expeditions with Steve Backshall, Nat Geo documentaries, and more.

Abbas Jaffar Ali
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