Orbit and Showtime have played an integral part in shaping home entertainment in the Middle East for decades, with their satellite dishes visible across many homes in the 1990s and 2000s. With the performance, reliability, and availability of high-speed Internet across the region, streaming videos on the Internet has become the norm for watching content.


The era of those dishes is ending as OSN announced the switching of OSNtv to a fully dishless offering. The move to the IPTV-based OSNtv box from June 1, 2023, will bring curated live TV channels and streaming platforms from a single Android-based device. This ‘plug and play’ device can be used by all connected households in the region with or without a dish. Accompanied by the product announcement is the addition of an array of new and reimagined channels.


The OSNtv user experience will be getting an upgrade where users can take control of Live TV, offering instant rewind, pause and restart functionalities. OSN’s streaming platform OSN+ is integrated into the interface and allows access to its content. OSN has optimized the look and feel of the platform with an enhanced UX/UI to encourage discoverability and the introduction of new curated channels.

Upgrades to OSNtv now makes viewing content even easier, while bringing OSN into a new age of dishless entertainment and streaming-first capabilities. Together with new channel offerings, and an upgraded user experience, the company ensures that viewers have access to the very best in entertainment through an all-in-one product.

Devrim Melek, SVP of Strategy at OSN

As part of the evolution, OSN has also launched three new channels, including the flagship channel OSNtv One. Here are details on some of the channels that subscribers to OSNtv can expect from June onwards:

  • OSNtv One: The channel offers a multi-genre platform with a wide range of content catering to a broad demographic. It features themed nights, creating a cinematic, epic, and comforting experience. Key shows include “Schitt’s Creek,” “Peacemaker,” “The Voice,” “From,” “Superman and Lois,” and more.
  • OSNtv Showcase Classics – This channel taps into the HBO library, providing fans with timeless favourites and surprises. Viewers can explore a collection of iconic shows like “Game of Thrones,” “The Sopranos,” “True Blood,” “Six Feet Under,” “The Wire,” “Sex and the City,” and “Entourage.” With pin protection during daytime hours, this channel will restrict access to content that may not be suitable for all viewers.
  • OSNtv Now – An integrated channel combining the best of OSN W and OSN Living, this channel offers fast-paced reality shows and younger-skewing dramas. With a fresh, breezy, and fun vibe, OSNtv Now is the go-to destination for engaging content. Key titles include “Below Deck,” “The Winchesters,” and “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.”
  • OSNtv Movies Family (formerly OSNtv Family) – This rebranded channel builds on the popularity of criminal and legal procedural shows while incorporating new true crime and limited series. Families seeking safe and thrilling content will enjoy titles like the “Despicable Me” franchise, the “Harry Potter” franchise, and “Boss Baby.”
  • OSNtv Crime (formerly OSN Series Prime) – This channel offers high-end crime storytelling featuring scripted and non-scripted content. With captivating plot twists and engaging narratives, it caters to an audience seeking immersive crime experiences. Key titles include “Black Snow,” “Real Murders of Orange County,” and “Fall River.”
Abbas Jaffar Ali
Abbas Jaffar Ali

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