OSN has an excellent section of movies and TV shows, and thanks to partnerships with networks like HBO, original content and Turkish shows in Arabic, there’s always something new on OSN.

We’ve gone through many movies and series on OSN and have picked the best series on OSN as well as the best movies showing on OSN. We also have a weekly guide on what to watch across cinemas and all streaming platforms.

In this list, we look at the titles available on OSN for December. There’s plenty to look forward to with movies such as The Batman and Super Mario Bros. You can also refresh your memory by watching the original Aquaman with the sequel around the corner. On the Arabic front, the popular Turkish show Al Qadaa’s season two makes its debut.

The Batman

Action | Premiere Date: Dec 1

After two years of nocturnal vigilance, Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s dark knight, faces his greatest challenge in the form of “The Riddler,” a furious killer exposing corruption in the city. Teaming up with old and new allies, Batman must hunt down the murderer, uncover his father’s legacy, and reflect on his impact on Gotham as “The Batman.”

My Happy Ending

Comedy | Premiere Date: Dec 8

A renowned actress goes undercover for medical treatment, discovering an unexpected sisterhood with three extraordinary women at the hospital: a seasoned rocker, a young mom, and a single retired teacher. United in humour and friendship, they guide her through challenges, preparing her for the most demanding role of all–embracing her true self.

Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie

Comedy | Premiere Date: Dec 9

Monk enthusiasts can anticipate the highly awaited return with the revival film, “Mr. Monk’s Last Case.” Set 15 years after Monk’s eighth season, the movie follows Adrian Monk grappling with his obsessive-compulsive disorder in a post-COVID era while tackling a deeply personal final case involving his stepdaughter, Molly. Get ready for Monk’s last investigative journey!


Comedy, Drama | Premiere Date: Dec 15

A determined and fiery coach from the minor leagues finds himself coaching a Special Olympics team as part of his community service sentence. Woody Harrelson delivers a standout performance in this heartwarming and hilarious film inspired by the real-life Aderes Basketball Team, providing a charming depiction of a former minor-league player’s transformational experience.


Action | Premiere Date: Dec 21

Dive into the adventure of “Aquaman” as the trident-wielding hero, Arthur Curry, embraces his underwater destiny. With breathtaking underwater worlds, epic battles, and a touch of humour, Aquaman battles his half-brother for the throne, uniting the ocean realms and proving that being a hero is cooler when you can talk to fish.

When You Finish Saving the World

Comedy, Adventure | Premiere Date: Dec 25

Julianne Moore’s character, Evelyn, dedicates herself to aiding those in need but faces challenges bonding with her internet-famous son Ziggy (Finn Wolfhard), who’s detached from real-world issues. In this emotional comedy, as Evelyn strives to mentor a teen from her shelter and Ziggy navigates a romance, the film humorously exposes the complex, yet surprisingly similar, dynamics between a mother and her son.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Animated, Adventure | Premiere Date: Dec 29

Inspired by Nintendo’s iconic video game, this movie features a stellar cast including Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Jack Black. Siblings Mario and Luigi find themselves unexpectedly transported through a mysterious pipe into a fantastical realm while working on their plumbing duties. When separated, Mario embarks on an adventure to locate his brother.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantasy, Adventure | Premiere Date: Dec 31

In “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,” dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald rises, seeking to establish wizard dominance over non-magical beings. Albus Dumbledore enlists magizoologist Newt Scamander to thwart Grindelwald’s plans. The film unveils secrets, tests loyalties, and sets the stage for an epic wizarding war in J.K. Rowling’s magical universe.

Get Shorty

Comedy, Crime | Premiere Date: Dec 1

Get Shorty follows mob enforcer Miles Daly’s Hollywood escapades. Opting for a film producer role, Miles navigates Tinseltown’s chaotic underbelly, blending crime and creativity. As he collaborates with a quirky crew, the series weaves dark humor, crime, and showbiz into a riveting narrative, offering a fresh twist on the pursuit of the American dream.

One Love

Drama, Romance | Premiere Date: Every Saturday

One Love explores the story of university student Doga, entangled in a romance with Fatih, whose religious family clashes with Doga’s mother, Kivilcim. The drama intensifies as they navigate divergent worlds, blending Doga’s modernity with Fatih’s traditional values, creating a poignant journey of love, values, and acceptance.

Al Qada’a Season 2

Drama, Mystery | Premiere Date: Every Sunday

Al Qada’a centres on a lawyer and a prosecutor whose lives intersect with a murder case, forcing them into an uneasy alliance to uncover the perpetrator. As they collaborate, the investigation becomes a pivotal moment, introducing an irreversible turning point in their personal and professional lives.

Ekhwaty Season 3

Drama | Premiere Date: Sunday to Thursday

Ikhwaty follows the lives of Kadir, Ömer, Asiye, and Emel, siblings who face the loss of their parents under unfortunate circumstances. Together, they strive to rebuild their lives, supporting one another through challenges and triumphs. Despite the inevitable ups and downs, their unbreakable bond remains a constant source of strength and solidarity.

Al Thulatha

Drama | Premiere Date: Dec 22

The movie chronicles the journeys of three 14-year-old girls – Amal, a sports enthusiast, Salma, a pianist, and Noor, a dancer. Despite societal and religious disparities, they grapple with familial complexities and various obstacles while striving to achieve their dreams, highlighting the universal theme of pursuing aspirations amid diverse challenges.

Gurub Al Mamiz

Comedy | Premiere Date: Dec 30

In a school WhatsApp group, three mothers from diverse backgrounds unite. Maryam and Nadia, grappling with strained relationships with their kids, receive support from a former Miss Egypt. This upbeat and lenient mother aims to mend the parent-child bonds, bridging the gap between discipline and warmth in this tale of maternal camaraderie.

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