Users sharing a Netflix account with a friend or a family member in the UAE can have their access revoked as part of the Netflix password sharing crackdown introduced last year by the online streaming platform.


An email titled “An update on sharing between households” has been sent to all UAE Netflix account holders, notifying them of the change. A FAQ on Netflix’s website states – rather curtly – that the accounts are “meant to be shared by people who live together in one household” and that “people who are not in your household will need to sign up for their own account to watch Netflix.”

As an account holder, Netflix says you can watch content on the platform even if travelling or staying at a different location. However, the email doesn’t clarify how one can do that, considering the service supposedly locks to a specific IP address to identify that as the main location of the account. 

For affected users looking into subscribing to a new account, Netflix generously allows you to import your old profile at no extra cost. Curiously, however, international users can buy a slot for an extra user for $7.99/month, an option that is missing for users in the UAE.

While the password-sharing crackdown might seem counterintuitive on many levels, it has worked massively in Netflix’s favour. The service reported an increase of 5.9 million new subscribers in the most recent quarter, during which it rolled out the new update in over 100 countries.

How much does Netflix cost in the UAE?

If you are subscribing to a new Netflix account, here’s a quick rundown of what it will cost you:

  • The ‘Basic’ tier costs AED 29/mo, offers 720p quality, and only allows streaming on one device.
  • The ‘Standard’ tier costs AED 39/mo, offers 1080p quality and allows streaming on two devices simultaneously. 
  • The ‘Premium’ tier costs AED 56/mo, offers 4K HDR quality, and allows streaming on four devices simultaneously.

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Mufaddal Fakhruddin
Mufaddal Fakhruddin

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