Episodes 5-7 of Too Hot to Handle are here, and they didn’t disappoint. Catch up on the major highlights in this article—including a hot night in the suite, Elys opening up, cringeworthy awkward moments, and a bombshell rule break from Dre.

Highlights of Episodes 5-7 of Too Hot to Handle Season 5

1. Courtney Called Out Isaac on His Backstabbing Behaviour

First off, it was empowering to see Courtney make her voice heard after Isaac blindsided her for Yazmin. Courtney told him ‘It’s like a slap in the face’ and questioned the authenticity of his apology: ‘You also looked me in the eye at the fire pit, too. So sorry if I don’t believe you’. Iconic.

It was also great to see Courtney defend Yazmin when Isaac later dropped Yazmin for Hannah. Courtney confronted him boldly, saying ‘Talk to her! You hurt people by blindsiding them’. Go girl!

2. Hannah Did an Unsolicited Dance For a Bemused Trey

Another standout moment was when Hannah tried to seduce a new arrival, Trey. Their conversation was awkward and didn’t flow, so she did for him what she does best—a dance! 

Unfortunately, the dance only heightened the cringe factor for Trey; he told her ‘You seem like a handful’ and admitted off-set that he thought she was coming on too strong.

Fortunately for Hannah, her later efforts with another castmate would pay off…

3. Christine Couldn’t Stop Laughing After Her Rule Breaks With Louis

Although rule breaks aren’t supposed to happen on Too Hot to Handle, they are often the most entertaining moments—especially when the fines are large.

Christine and Louis were the first to make a major infraction, losing $48,000 for kissing and—in Lana’s terms—‘mutual manual gratification’. Seeing Christine giggle incessantly, to the annoyance of her fellow castmates, was iconic to say the least.

4. The Cast All Celebrated Christine and Louis’ Redemption

After their rule breaks, Christine and Louis were granted a night in the suite to test whether they’d resist temptation. Their castmates had the chance to gamble the lost $48,000 and potentially win it back.

The night in the suite was nail-bitingly funny. Christine tried various tricks involving bathtime and a banana, a frustrated Louis luckily managed to resist, and their castmates delighted in the couple’s success.

5. Elys Finally Opened Up About Her Past and Her Fears

A more serious highlight involved Elys’ story about being closed off emotionally. It had started to frustrate Alex, who had the feeling of hitting a brick wall and not being able to get close to her.

Fortunately, a workshop worked its magic. Elys was motivated to speak up and explained that her emotional unavailability was linked to her parents’ divorce. It was inspiring to see Elys overcome her fear of opening up.

6. Isaac Hovered Awkwardly Between Yazmin’s and Hannah’s Beds

The 10 Most Iconic Moments on Episodes 5-7 of Too Hot to Handle Season 5

This was one of the most entertainingly awkward moments of the season. Yazmin lay in bed waiting for Isaac, oblivious that he had been flirting all day with Hannah. Hannah lay in the bed right next to Yazmin’s, also waiting for Isaac.

In a shockingly awkward moment, Isaac joined Yazmin, whispered in her ear to explain his connection with Hannah, then moved beds. Everyone was shocked, and this made for some great television.

7. Elys and Alex Got Closer and Won Not One, But Two Green Lights

Given Elys’ reluctance to open up, Lana gave her and Alex an ultimatum: if they didn’t gain a green light in 12 hours, they’d be sent home. Luckily, following her progress in the workshop, Elys was ready to admit to Alex that she really liked him.

As a reward, the pair got a green light during a dinner date—and later on the couch as well. They were having a deep chat on the couch and almost kissed, totally forgetting about the rules, but they stopped themselves just in time and won the green light moments later. So cute!

8. Megan Got Sweet Revenge on Alex…

The 10 Most Iconic Moments on Episodes 5-7

Remember Alex dropping Megan for Elys and Megan being upset? In this latest round of episodes, Megan certainly got her comeuppance and it was entertaining to watch. ‘I wanna wind Alex up’, she said.

What did Megan do? While Elys was on a date with a new arrival from Australia, Megan couldn’t help but comment on Bryce’s appearance and taunt Alex with comments like ‘How do you feel?’ and ‘I’ve always wanted to see what the talent was like down under’.

9. Louis Squirmed at His Own Actions, Again!

On his date with new arrival Linzy, Louis was permanently distracted by her physique and couldn’t resist her offer to get a closer look.

After the date, Louis immediately regretted his behaviour, reflecting on his growing relationship with Christine. It was funny to see Louis’ mind whirl as he debated whether to confess to her or not.

10. ‘Detective Dre’ Made a Bombshell Rule Break

Detective Dre

Dre initially had no connections this season and took it upon himself to protect the prize money. So it was totally unexpected and entertaining when he set his sights on a new arrival, Linzy.

Detective instincts out of the window, Dre talked himself into a date with Linzy and, seeing the competition with Louis, made steps to seduce her. At the end of the seventh episode, we see Dre leaning in for a kiss—which explains the episode’s hilarious title: ‘Detective Defective’.

…And that’s a wrap! Episodes 5-7 of season 5 were eventful and entertaining, and we hope you enjoyed Tbreak’s roundup of the highlights. We’ll be posting similar content about episodes 8-10 when they drop—so watch this space!

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