Michael J. Fox has starred in many movies and television shows and has written four books about his life and career. His break-out role was in the hit sitcom Family Ties, and he is still in the limelight in a successful career that spans four decades.

He is a family man married to Tracy Pollan for almost 35 years and is a father to four children. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, he has been an advocate for the disease devoting much of his time to Parkinson’s research. He also founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation in 2000, dedicated to Parkinson’s research.

The recent release, Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie on Apple TV, features archival footage and clips, interview segments and recreations that has Michael recounting his career and contextualising it through his Parkinson’s diagnosis. We figured it was the perfect time to highlight some of the iconic roles Michael J. Fox has undertaken.

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Back to The Future Trilogy (1985, 1989, & 1990)

Why start with any other movie but the most iconic one? To kick us off is Back to the Future helped define the 80s and catapult the career of Michael J. Fox. He plays Marty McFly, who travels through time with a disgraced scientist. His adventures include ensuring his parents get together before finding his way home.

These movies have aged well because of the quality of the storytelling. And although it is a symbol of the 80s, its performances are still as fresh today as they were when they were released.

In Back to the Future, Fox brilliantly fleshes out his character by combining his dramatic and comedic strengths. Even though the first movie in the trilogy was the best, the second and third instalments injected fresh ideas into the original concept. The nostalgia it brings represents the cinematic experiences that the 80s provided and the career of Michael J. Fox.

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Teen Wolf (1985)

Teen Wolf is another movie that Fox appears as a teen. His character is a high school basketball star Scott Howard who is shocked to learn he is a werewolf. Though the silly premise was criticized at the time, the over-the-top script makes it enjoyable. Michael J. Fox plays a cocky and arrogant teen werewolf with memorable moments, like van surfing, further elevating him as a superstar.

Casualties of War (1989)

Casualties of War is a distinctive entry to Fox’s filmography. It is set during the Vietnam War and follows Private Eriksson, who is at odds with his platoon after attacking a female villager.

Casualties of War is loosely based on a true story. Its harrowing depiction of war was too much for the audience to bear, resulting in an underwhelming box office performance. You can also state that the underwhelming performance was due to earlier Vietnam movies like Platoon. However, Casualties of War remains an unflinching portrait that allowed Michael J. Fox to show his dramatic side on the big screen. 

Doc Hollywood (1991)

By the early 90s, Michael J. Fox had already made a name for himself, becoming a big box office draw, and Doc Hollywood allowed him to stretch his range. The movie follows Dr Ben Stone (Michael J. Fox) as he travels cross country for an interview for a prestigious position in Los Angeles. However, during the trip, he crashes his car in a small southern town where he is forced to perform community service. Although Doc Hollywood was met with mild praise from critics, Michael J. Fox playing a hotshot surgeon, saw him step out of his comfort zone, starting as an unlikeable character. 

The American President (1995)

Scripted by Aaron Sorkin, this movie takes Michael J. Fox into an unorthodox role-playing Lewis Rothschild, a political advisor who is not scared of airing his opinions even if they are confrontational. The movie follows the United States President (Michael Douglas), seeking re-election amidst the fallout with a lobbyist(Annette Benning). Even though movies about Presidents of the United States are not rare, The American President is unique as it led to the creation of the hit TV series The West Wing. 

Stuart Little (1999)

Having lent his voice to the main character in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and its sequel, Fox was already a veteran voice actor when he undertook the role of Stuart Little. This movie is an adaptation of E.B White’s children’s novel about a young mouse, Stuart, struggling to integrate into his human family.

Stuart Little’s heartwarming message is undeniable, and Fox’s vocal work makes everything great. Stuart Little was nominated for an Oscar for the visual effects and was well received by the audience to spawn two sequels with Michael J. Fox returning to play the adorable rodent.

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