The Love Is Blind season 5 reunion doesn’t disappoint—several scandals are addressed, secrets are spilled, and Nick and Vanessa Lachey do well at holding some of the cast to account.

Catch up here on the 10 biggest revelations at the Love Is Blind season 5 reunion.

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10 Revelations at the Love Is Blind Season 5 Reunion

1. Milton and Lydia Are Together and His Family Loves Lydia Now

At the reunion, we learn that Milton and Lydia are not only still together, but that Milton’s family really loves Lydia now! Lydia has apparently made Milton’s parents ‘so soft’ and meets up regularly with his mother.

This is a big surprise, considering that Milton’s mother called their relationship ‘phoney’ earlier in the series.

2. Izzy and Stacy Are Friends But Still at War Over His Credit Score

The reunion reveals that Izzy and Stacy are no longer together. They tried to rekindle things a week after their failed wedding, but Stacy called things off and Izzy refused to speak to her for a year.

At the reunion, Izzy and Stacy spar once more about his finances. While she believes he was deceitful and hiding things from her, he says he simply never found ‘the right time’ to properly address the topic. That being said, they’re apparently good friends now.

3. Chris and Johnie Split After Chris Cheated on Her

Many viewers believed Chris to be the ‘nice guy’ of the season, but the reunion suggested otherwise! We learn that Chris ghosted Johnie after her birthday weekend and started seeing another woman without telling her. He apparently feared telling Johnie and hurting her feelings.

Chris then tries to save face at the reunion by saying that he and Johnie were already going opposite ways anyway. Host Nick Lachey interjects to say ‘Well, I think you [Chris] went an opposite way’!

4. Stacy Seems Furious at Johnie Still, While Johnie Has Moved On

When asked about Johnie, Stacy launches on another tirade at the reunion. She spews accusations at Johnie and attempts to justify her seemingly aggressive reactions. Allegedly, Stacy was angry at the rumour that she and Izzy wouldn’t work out. Ironically, Johnie’s prediction proved true!

Although Johnie does respond to some of Stacy’s comments at the reunion, she doesn’t get wrapped up in the confrontation. While Stacy slates her, Johnie spends quite a few moments whispering, giggling, and catching up with Chris.

5. Izzy Apologises to Johnie and Reveals They Considered Getting Together

While Stacy acknowledges no wrongdoing, Johnie uses the reunion to apologise for some of her behaviours. Izzy apologises to Johnie, too. He reveals that he stands by what he said to Johnie at the party, but admits that his aggressive ‘delivery’ was inappropriate.

We also learn that, a week after things ended with Stacy, Izzy hung out in a bar with Johnie and ended up kissing her. Sadly, it didn’t turn into anything serious.

6. Lydia Tries to Save Face After Her Treatment of Aaliyah

Footage is played at the reunion showing how Lydia befriended Aaliyah and discussed Uche in detail with her, which Aaliyah describes as overstepping ‘boundaries’.

Lydia attempts to justify this by saying that she ‘didn’t read the room correctly’. Milton also comes to Lydia’s defence and praises Lydia’s ‘character’. Some viewers consider this as Aaliyah’s perspective being invalidated once again.

7. Aaliyah Split from Uche and Is Now in a Happy Relationship

Before the reunion episode aired, Uche revealed that he got into feuds with the show’s production team and claimed he was given a bad edit. He apparently didn’t break up with Aaliyah as is shown in an earlier episode; he says his words ‘it’s over between us’ were edited in.

So, having never split, Aaliyah and Uche gave it a shot outside the show. However, Aaliyah felt that he was ‘still so very mean and kind of condescending’ and she luckily got away. She says she’s now in a happy relationship with a man she met on an R&B cruise!

8. Uche Tried (and Failed) to Stay in Touch with the Cast

Many viewers are speculating at the reasons for Uche’s absence at the reunion. It could be for the feuds he had with production, or it could be due to something new that we learn at the reunion. Basically, it is revealed that none of the cast seem to like Uche—he tried to contact several of them after filming Love Is Blind, and everyone has ghosted him.

As revealed at the reunion, Izzy doesn’t like how Uche mouthed him off to the show’s women behind his back. Milton finds it strange that Uche messaged him on his wedding day (‘Wanna talk about it?’). And Lydia and Aaliyah are unimpressed to learn that Uche sent them both the same ‘supportive’ message on the day that the season aired.

9. JP and Taylor Argue Again and He Apologises

Another argument at the reunion concerns JP and Taylor, who are called onto the set a little later than the others. JP reiterates his reasons for not being attracted to Taylor’s makeup—it was ‘off-putting’ and ‘fake’—but apologises for being too ‘nervous’ and in his ‘shell’ to communicate more openly with her.

Taylor responds angrily that he gave her ‘zero validation’ and ‘belittled’ her, but goes on to accept JP’s apology.

10. Two Games at the End Elicit Some Amusing Responses

Finally, two light-hearted games at the end of the reunion episode give a little more insight into the cast of Love Is Blind season 5.

When asked who from the cast they would hit on in the real world, Aaliyah amusingly writes ‘No one’ on her pad and says ‘sorry, guys’. And when asked to name a song that defines their Love Is Blind experience, JP and Taylor opt for a similar response: Taylor answers ‘Silent Night’, while JP gives ‘The Sound of Silence’. At least they can joke about the experience now!

…So, Love Is Blind season 5 is over, and only one couple is still together. Time will tell how long their marriage lasts.

As for the post-show gossip, make sure to look out for interviews with the cast. Several of them—including Uche, Aaliyah, Izzy, and Renee—have already spilled secrets in various podcasts.

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