Episodes 8-9 of Love Is Blind season 5 have dropped! As more toxicity and arguments unfold, viewers are getting ever more critical about the cast’s suitability for marriage.

Catch up here on the viral viewer reactions to each cast member in the latest episodes of Love is Blind on Netflix.

Stacy — Viewers Allege Bullying, Sketchy Makeup, and Excessive Arguing with Izzy

Stacy painted herself as the cool girl in the pods, having light-hearted chats with the other women and dates that never got too deep.

But some viewers now believe Stacy has shown her true colours. In the latest episodes, she and Izzy are unfairly aggressive towards Johnie, and various viewers have declared Stacy as jealous.

Meanwhile, some viewers are also struggling to appreciate Stacy’s make-up skills. One Twitter user begs: ‘Blend the blush, bronzer, AND contour!!’.

And back to Stacy’s cool girl persona: unfortunately, viewers have observed that it may have been a façade. Outside the pods, it’s not been plain-sailing at all: she and Izzy have had multiple arguments.

Izzy — Viewers Comment on Toxic Behaviours, Crying in a Closet, and Financial Insecurity

Izzy verbally attacked Johnie at a group party and praised Stacy for ‘railing’ Johnie, too. Viewers are concerned at the pleasure Izzy took in this scenario and many have called it ‘toxic’.

After celebrating ‘railing’ Johnie, Izzy then had a fight with Stacy which led him to shutting down. He said she made him feel ‘not good enough’ and ended up crying in the closet. Viewers were amused by the camerawork:

Viewers have also had a lot to say about Izzy’s sketchy finances and have questioned his ability to live up to Stacy’s father’s expectations: ‘Sometimes, love likes to fly first class’.

Many Twitter users found it amusing that Izzy conflated his date on a war plane with being on a ‘private jet’ with Stacy.

Uche — Viewers Call Him a ‘Narcissist’ and a ‘Manipulator’ and Begin to Side with Lydia More

While watching the drama with Lydia unfold, some Twitter users have called Uche a narcissist. Lydia also called him that in episode 8. It seems as though Uche is manipulative and twists situations to suit his narrative, as described by the following Twitter user:

Another Twitter user received a lot of likes for questioning Uche’s apparent smear campaign against Lydia. They believe he is trying too hard to paint Lydia as ‘crazy’. Is Uche jealous that Lydia is happy with Milton and has moved on?

Lydia — Like Milton’s Family, People Continue to Question Her Authenticity with Milton

Although Lydia does genuinely seem to like Milton in her own way, the depth of her ‘love’ for him has been questioned by viewers from the start. When Lydia met Milton’s family, his mother and sister also said her attitude seemed rehearsed and inauthentic:

Milton – Viewers Love How He Dismissed Uche and Was Endearingly Awkward in a Family Scene

Despite some viewers’ reservations about Lydia and Milton, Milton was widely praised for coming to Lydia’s defence after Uche insisted on grilling her. Milton politely sent the message to Uche that he should move on and let them be.

What’s more, many Twitter users appreciated Milton’s reaction to Uche calling him a friend. Milton left the room telling Uche that he’d contact him on the group chat—a subtle way of saying that he didn’t really consider him a friend in the same way!

Finally, Milton was a hot topic of conversation for his behaviour when Lydia met his family. He didn’t talk much and spent a long time trying to open a bottle in the background. Viewers found this very amusing to watch and appreciated that it was included in the edit.

…And that’s a wrap. Viewers have been very critical of the Love Is Blind season 5 cast recently, and it seems fairly warranted. Given all the arguments and toxicity, it looks very unlikely that any of the couples will end up married this season. But who knows? Find out in the final episode of Love Is Blind season 5, which airs on October 13.

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