Love Is Blind is one of the hottest reality TV shows of the moment. It’s garnered worldwide audiences, inspired international spinoffs, and even been nominated for Emmy Awards.

The latest great news: Love Is Blind season 5 airs this September! Here you can discover all the latest updates on the cast, hosts, filming location, and more.

Everything We Know About the Cast for Love Is Blind Season 5

The entire cast of Love Is Blind season 5 hasn’t been revealed yet, but the trailer shows two individuals who will be participating. It features a man who has been engaged once and a woman who has been married before and had a string of bad relationships.

If the previous seasons of Love Is Blind are anything to go by, some of the upcoming cast should be a little older than those on other dating shows (like Too Hot to Handle). And that’s with good reason: in the US, the average age of marriage hits the late twenties, and marriage is what Love Is Blind is all about.

You’ll likely get to know the full Love Is Blind Season 5 cast just before the season airs; Netflix tends to reveal it around a week in advance.

The Rumoured Filming Location

Each season of Love Is Blind takes place in a different US city. So far, the four seasons have been filmed in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle.

Officially, the filming location for season 5 hasn’t been revealed yet, but rumour is that it could be Charlotte, North Carolina.

And there is some substance to the rumour; the show’s producers released a casting call for Charlotte last year (in addition to Washington DC, Tampa, Detroit, and Queen City).

Will Nick and Vanessa Remain Hosts?

Love Is Blind is usually hosted by the married couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey. The pair are mostly present in the show’s seasonal reunion episodes, where they catch up with the contestants and their love lives post-filming.

After the season 4 reunion, rumours flew that Nick and Vanessa might be replaced. According to a viewer-initiated petition on, the couple is guilty of ‘targeting certain contestants’ and ‘stirring up drama’ on the show.

However, it looks likely that Nick and Vanessa will be back for season 5: in mid-June, they represented Love Is Blind at a major Netflix event and branded themselves the show’s hosts.

How Many More Seasons Will There Be?

Unveiling four Love Is Blind seasons in just two years has been a mean feat on Netflix’s part—and the streaming service isn’t stopping anytime soon.

While casting calls were made for five cities in late 2022, further calls have been made for Denver and Minneapolis this year. If all goes to plan for each city, multiple future seasons of Love Is Blind are to come!

What Happened to Season 4 ‘After the Altar’?

As well as looking forward to season 5, avid fans are asking what happened to the ‘After the Altar’ instalments for season 4. Usually, these follow-up episodes film the couples’ lives after their weddings and bring them all together for joint parties and double dates.

There’s no official news yet about the follow-up episodes for season 4. However, a TikTokker spotted some of the season’s cast members in a Seattle pub, holding the infamous gold goblets used to hide drink levels on the show.

In the video, you can see the married couple Brett and Tiffany and Marshall and his new off-show partner. It looks as though they were filming a double date for After the Altar—time will tell if the rumours are true!

Discover the Non-US Versions of Love Is Blind

If you can’t wait until September for your next Love Is Blind fix, the franchise also has shows set in Brazil and Japan that you can tune into on Netflix.

What’s more, fans in Sweden and the UK will be pleased to know that spinoffs are arranged for those two countries, too. The release dates haven’t been announced yet, but casting calls have been made, and filming will soon be underway.

…And that’s it! You’re now in the loop with all the latest updates on the upcoming season of Love Is Blind. While you wait until it airs this September, why not give some of the international Love Is Blind spinoffs a try?

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