Many viewers consider Love Is Blind season 5 as one of the messiest seasons yet. Uche and Lydia already knew each other, many fights happened between the couples and the wider cast, and there is lots of new gossip being revealed in new interviews and podcasts.

Catch up here on the main cast’s love lives as of late 2023—including some brand-new updates revealed after the Love Is Blind season 5 reunion!

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The Latest Updates on the Cast of Love Is Blind Season 5


Although Stacy and Izzy tried to work things out after their failed marriage, they revealed at the reunion that they went no-contact for a year and are now just friends.

Stacy says that she’s currently seeing someone, but she won’t reveal any details. Her socials are focused on sharing style tips with fans and promoting her joint clothing line with Taylor, another female contestant on Love Is Blind season 5.


After being rejected by Stacy for good, Izzy turned to Johnie a week later, but they didn’t end up dating. Izzy then revealed that, after a year of no contact, he bumped into Stacy and her new date at a cooking class, which he was also attending with his new date.

It’s now been confirmed that Izzy is in a relationship with the lady he was with at the cooking class. She’s called Shelby Webb, and they recently posted their first set of couple photos on Instagram. Stacy commented ‘Cuties ❤️’ on the carousel.


Taylor called it quits with JP and left the show early due to their communication problems and issues with one another’s appearance. (JP didn’t like Taylor’s make-up and found it ‘fake’, while Taylor found him ‘awkward’ and was put off at first sight by his tooth gap.)

Taylor still seemed angry with JP at the reunion, but revealed that she’s moved on and is now ‘seeing somebody’. She’s also busy with the joint clothing line with Stacy.


JP revealed at the reunion that he might have been able to open up to Taylor if she hadn’t kept ‘hounding’ him about the ‘same thing’. He says he can communicate well with his new partner, Ellen Hense, who he has now been dating for a year.

Under his first public couple photo with Ellen, JP wrote ‘Over a year ago I met the sweetest, most loving, caring, awesome, sexy, and fun person. She’s just the best!’.


Despite Uche trying to get in-between them by spreading drama, Lydia and Milton stayed together until the end of season 5 and are still together and married now. They post lots of loved-up content on social media, but viewers are speculating about the strength of their marriage.

Interestingly, Lydia and Milton aren’t living together at the moment due to work commitments, and an alleged acquaintance of Milton’s revealed that Milton likes being away from Lydia at times because she demands too much ‘attention’.

It’s also now common knowledge that the successful Love Is Blind couples get paid a large sum of money if they stay together for at least a year after filming. Time will tell if Lydia and Milton are genuine in their connection or whether it was all about money and clout.


Milton savvily managed to fend off Uche by cutting off the drama and stopping replying to Uche’s messages.

Although Milton and Lydia are currently living apart, Milton has claimed in a podcast that this should only be for 2 months; he’s in California for a short-term work project.

Apparently, Milton and Lydia have also seen each other several times since he has been away. Perhaps the rumour that Milton thinks she demands too much attention is false, after all.


Despite the drama with Lydia and Milton, Uche nearly went further with Aaliyah on season 5, but he was shown dumping her because she quit the show without telling him; the drama was too much for her.

Although Uche and Aaliyah tried dating in the outside world, Aaliyah branded it a ‘toxic’ relationship and said it didn’t last long.

Uche’s current relationship status is unknown, and he claims to be very busy with work. These work commitments are the real reason, he claims, why he didn’t attend the season 5 reunion. Going by his Instagram Q&As, Uche appears intent on reframing the reunion narrative in his favour.


After her ‘toxic’ relationship with Uche outside the show, Aaliyah managed to find a man who treats her like a ‘queen’. She spoke sweetly of their relationship at the season 5 reunion and recently did a hard launch on Instagram.

It also turns out that Aaliyah has remained very good friends with Johnie from Love Is Blind season 5. One fan commented on their friendship: ‘Funny how Johnie is “sketchy” but seems to be very well liked by the other female cast members. Make it make sense Stacy!!’.


After being rejected by Izzy in the pods, Johnie dated Chris from Love Is Blind season 5, but the reunion episode revealed that he cheated on her. Luckily, Johnie found a new man, Alex Yovanovic, and they recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary.


As shown at the reunion, Chris is still together with—and now apparently lives with—the lady with whom he cheated on Johnie. Interestingly, however, all Instagram photos of the new couple have disappeared. Has karma got its own back on Chris?

…And that’s your update on all the gossip about the main cast of Love Is Blind season 5. Remember to follow their socials and keep an eye out for podcast appearances to see how their love lives pan out in the future.

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