Love Is Blind Season 4 on Netflix was, as ever, a rollercoaster. We got to catch up with all the stars in the reunion episode. Zack and Bliss locked horns with troublemaker Irina, Micah expressed her disappointment to Paul, Marshall advocated for peace with Jackie, and much more. 

But what has happened since the reunion? Are loved-up Kwame and Chelsea still together? How about the other married couples? And how are Micah and Irina doing, following the ‘mean girl’ criticisms they received online? You’ll catch up on all this and more, in this exclusive update on the cast’s love lives since the season 4 reunion. 

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Love Is Blind Season 4


After being turned down by Paul at the altar, Micah was very upset in the reunion episode, with Paul imploring her to move on: ‘We were done dating, like, 12 months ago’. Along with Irina, Micah was also criticized by viewers for seemingly laughing about castmates as they were crying. So how is Micah doing now? 

She revealed more after the reunion in Nick Viall’s podcast. Micah claimed her laughing was down to nervousness but admitted to being ‘immature and selfish’ at times. She also implied that she was still unhappy with Paul’s behaviour, but added, ‘My heart’s okay, it’s on the mend’. 

What’s more, to counter the critics who didn’t believe in her genuine love for Paul, Micah posted an endearing video on TikTok. The caption read: ‘Paul, I’ll always be so thankful that you came into my life. We shared something so special together & no one will ever be able to replace that. No matter what I’ll always love you’. 


At the reunion, Paul was grilled for flirting with friends of Micah and for not fully talking to her about his reservations before the wedding (Micah’s lack of a ‘nurturing quality’). 

Since the reunion episode, Paul has revealed that he dated another cast member after things ended with Micah. Controversially, Paul is also following the female friend of Micah’s on Instagram, whom he, accidentally or intentionally, brushed past and made smile on the wedding day. 


Some viewers accused Irina of bullying during season 4 due to what they perceived as mistreatment of Zack and mocking behaviour towards other women. After splitting with Zack, Irina also allegedly tried to sabotage his new relationship with Bliss. 

Irina was called out on all this at the reunion and tried to defend herself. At one point, audience members could be heard laughing in the background. 

What’s happened since? Irina has spoken up about the reunion, saying ‘I felt like I was getting attacked a lot’ and ‘People wanted to see me hurt and laughed at’. 

But, if her TikTok is anything to go by, Irina is currently in therapy and seems committed to growing and forming healthier relationships.

Josh and Jackie

As with Irina, Jackie’s behaviour in season 4 was called into question by some viewers. She seemed to project traumas onto Marshall, questioned his masculinity, left him for castmate Josh, and didn’t join the group in person for the reunion. 

As was confirmed at the reunion, Jackie is still together with Josh. Interestingly, it’s also since been revealed that Josh initially engaged in the pods with someone else. The reason why this wasn’t aired is unclear. 


Over the season, Marshall tried to make things work with Jackie, but it wasn’t meant to be. His remarks at the reunion were mature and defiant: ‘I feel like we both deserve to move on from this. The whole you-versus-me thing needs to die. Immediately’. 

As of May 2023, fans have observed that Marshall seems to be dating Dr Chay Barnes. Although their relationship isn’t publicly official, they have appeared on Instagram stories together and were spotted filming a double date with Tiffany and Brett. Is a Love Is Blind spinoff on the cards? 

Zack and Bliss 

Zack and Bliss had a heartwarming story, reuniting after the Irina fiasco and marrying to a romantic song that meant something special to them both. At the reunion, they strongly bonded and forgave Irina for her troublemaking. 

Since then, it’s all been rosy for the loved-up couple: they recently celebrated their 1st anniversary, regularly post couple photos on Instagram, and have even been touring Europe together

Chelsea and Kwame 

Like Zack and Bliss, Chelsea and Kwame were content at the reunion. They cleared the air with Micah about her flirting with Kwame, revealing that Kwame’s mother finally agreed to meet Chelsea!

According to Chelsea’s recent Instagram posts, Kwame ‘loves Seattle’ (despite his initial reservations), and the couple are having a lot of fun together in their marriage. 

Kwame also posted off-camera shots from Love Is Blind on his Instagram—to reframe how the Netflix show portrayed them: ‘Just a quick response to anyone saying “they have no chemistry” or “they don’t even love each other” […] actually, we had the MOST fun together falling in love!’. 

Tiffany and Brett 

Tiffany and Brett were arguably the power couple of season 4, going strong from start to finish. They took a backseat to the arguing in the reunion episode and affirmed the strength of their union: ‘We’re so committed to one another’. 

Taking a peek at their socials since the reunion, Tiffany and Brett have cherished their first year as a married couple: just recently, they celebrated their anniversary together in Los Angeles. 

…And that’s your post-reunion update on the love lives of season 4’s cast. Given the success rate of this season’s couplings, perhaps love truly is blind.

Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods

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