The Malayalam movie Little Miss Rawther is directed by Vishnu Dev and stars Gouri G. Kishan, Shersha Sherief, Manoj KU, Sangeeth Prathap, Jishnu Sreekumar

Where can you watch Little Miss Rawther in the UAE?

Little Miss Rawther is currently playing in cinemas across the UAE. You can book your tickets at VOX Cinemas or Novo Cinemas.

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Little Miss Rawther review

+ Interesting premise
+ Gouri Kishan is spirited

– No emotional vibe
– Patchy
– Never gets to the point

There are some movies which, in the end, make you ponder about the ‘what if’ possibility inherent in it. Little Miss Rawther is one such movie. It is, on paper, a romantic relationship between two, on paper, polar opposite. He is a gangling youth. She is a petite lass. He is a slacker and perennial distracted. On the other hand, she is punctilious, the type who zealously crosses the t-s and dots i-s. The film is not interested in pursuing this angle. Nor does it seem to focus on the individual quirks of the characters. It just ambles along from episode to episode and is narrated non-linearly, which further precludes our easy association with the story or its core.

It has slivers of the feel of the Tamil films Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and ’96 (in which, incidentally, Gouri Kishan was part). But Little Miss Rawther doesn’t possess the emotional heft of the two movies. Like the hero, who is a bit of a dazed sloucher who lets himself be servile to the situations, the film, too, seems content to go with the simple flow.   

Abhijith Chandradas (Shersha Sherief) wants to be a filmmaker. But he is mostly in a drunken stupor or weed-induced daze. He is in a romantic relationship with Naina Rawther (Gouri Kishan). As we said, she is a dapper, short girl, while he is a beanpole who is mostly slovenly in his appearance. Though they have fallen in love, his distracted ways are problematic for her. Also, the fact that he doesn’t have a stable job becomes an issue. A few other things also happen, and they part ways. And then, she calls on her momentous night. 

The film unfolds in a flash-cut, jumping from present to past. And that doesn’t allow us to get hooked. Though some parts do provide some mirth, nothing is sustained. The hero, Shersha Sherief, one of the scriptwriters, has an easy amiability. But his character is stitched, so you feel exasperated rather than emotionally root for him. Being an innocent loser is different from being a wilful slacker. The latter hardly is deserving of our sympathies. Gauri Kishen is spirited and chirpy as the eponymous Miss Rawther. But the script, overall, is not too kind to her.

Some romance and some jokey parts work. But little else does. The story seems to be taken off from personal experiences. Nothing wrong with it. But the writing has to enhance those moments of truth on screen.  

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Balakumar Kuppuswamy
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