The Netflix original action flick directed by Tom Harper, Heart of Stone, stars Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot. She plays an international spy who must protect a super-AI known as The Heart from falling into the wrong hands. The film was announced in 2020, and it’s meant to be the first entry of a planned female-led Mission Impossible-type franchise.


Where can you watch Heart of Stone in the UAE?

Heart of Stone is now streaming on Netflix in the UAE. If you don’t have one, you can create a Netflix account to watch this movie and other shows on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer any free trials in the Middle East, so you’ll have to subscribe for at least one month.

Rachel Stone (Cadot) is an intelligence officer, codename Nine of Hearts, for The Charter, a peacekeeping operation with no political ties that uses this extra high-tech artificial intelligence to save the world. When we first meet the protagonist, she’s undercover working for MI6 and has gotten quite close to her team, Parker (Jamie Dornan), Yang (Jing Lusi), and Bailey (Paul Ready).

At the Charter’s headquarters, Stone answers to Nomad (Sophie Okonedo), also known as the King of Hearts and works closely with IT specialist Jack of Hearts (Matthias Schweighöfer). 

Heart of Stone

We first meet Stone on a mission with her undercover MI6 team in the French Alps, where they have to capture an infamous arms dealer. Things go wrong when young Indian hacker Keya (Alia Bhatt) blows their cover, forcing Stone to intervene and ensure the mission’s success. 

Keya’s intentions, however, have little to do with MI6 and everything to do with the Charter. Specifically, she wants to get her hands on The Heart by any means necessary. And Stone soon learns that one of her team members may also be working with the rogue hacker. 

Good action but lacks storytelling

When it comes to cool action shots, Heart of Stone more than delivers. We get explosions, Gal Gadot’s character doing impossible stunts with a parachute, and plenty of perfectly choreographed hand-to-hand combat sequences.

The spy tech is also as impressive as it gets; The Heart is a super AI that can hack into anything, analyze trillions of data points and even predict the future; it’s no wonder the bad guys are desperate to get their hands on it. 

Heart of Stone

Dialogue is where the movie lacks. There are only so many one-liner jokes followed by slight smiles the actors can deliver before it gets tedious. In some instances, the dialogue makes no sense. There’s one scene where Stone’s supervisor tells her off for fraternizing with her MI6 team (she went out for a drink with them at the end of a mission). Isn’t that exactly what she’s supposed to do as an undercover agent to avoid suspicion? 

Heart of Stone

The story itself is a bit choppy and quite predictable. And the bad guy’s motivation makes almost no sense. However, a couple of clever twists are thrown in that most viewers won’t see coming. 

As a whole, this is a pretty forgettable action movie with nothing to set it apart. Not even a Glenn Close cameo can make this title worthy of a second watch. 

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