The popular supernatural comedy, starring David Tennant as the demon Crowley and Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale, has finally returned for its second season. Based on the humorous novel series creator Neil Gaiman co-wrote with Terry Pratchett in the 90s, season one centred on the two celestial beings trying to prevent an upcoming Armageddon. This season is less apocalyptic and more of a supernatural mystery drama.


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Good Omens Season 2 Review

After they successfully prevented the apocalypse and got cast out of Hell and Heaven, respectively, Crowley and Aziraphale are back to enjoying a relatively peaceful existence on Earth. The demon is forced to live in his car, and Hell’s new representative on Earth, Shax (Miranda Richardson), routinely visits him for advice and to bring him his post. 

Aziraphela is still at his beloved bookshop and even rented the next-door property to record store shopkeeper Maggie (played by Maggie Service, who you might remember as Sister Theresa Garrulous from season 1). As Aziraphele is an angel, he has no use for money, so he doesn’t care that Maggie can’t pay him rent; he just likes occasionally taking vinyl records to listen to them. Across the street from the bookshop, there’s a coffee shop managed by a constantly irritated Nina (Nina Sosanya, who played Sister Theresa Garrulous in the first season). 

Good Omens season 2

However, Crowley’s and Aziraphale’s lives are completely turned upside down when the angel Gabriel (Jon Hamm) shows up (naked) at the bookshop. It seems like the archangel has a severe case of amnesia and no idea how and why he arrived on Earth. 

The angels in heaven and the demons in hell want to find and capture Gabriel. The lord of hell, Beelzebub (Shelley Conn), even offers Crowley his old job back in exchange for Gabriel’s location. 

While Crowley wants nothing to do with Gabriel and whatever trouble he got into, Aziraphale wants to help his confused former boss. So the two set up on a quest to try and find out what’s going on.

Funny at times

Good Omens has some pretty hilarious moments peppered in throughout the six-episode run. There are plenty of Doctor Who references (including one scene where Crowley refers to himself as “Doctor”), homages to the late Terry Practcher, and Easter Eggs reminiscent of characters we met in the previous instalments. There’s even a nazi zombie minisode that’s as delightful as the show gets. 

Good Omens season 2

The series is most compelling when it delves into the millennia-long history of friendship between Crowley and Azirephale. Tennant and Sheen do bounce off each other well, and they’re fun to watch on screen. 

But aside from the two leads, every other character is written like a two-dimensional paper doll. The two main human characters, in particular, are insufferable and add absolutely nothing to the story. Having two-dimensional characters surround Crowley and Azirephele worked in season 1 because they got just enough screen time to keep the main narrative moving. 

Good Omens season 2

That’s not to say the performances lack in any way. Miranda Richardson excels as the evil but clueless Shax, while Doon Mackichan and Gloria Obianyo play the parts of unhinged angels as close to perfection as it gets. 

While season two is not as good as the first instalment, it’s still a fun supernatural absurdist comedy. The six episodes feel like homages to other iconic pieces of British entertainment, and it’s worth watching for that alone.

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