A new spy movie on Apple TV+ will have you wanting more and more. The premise for Ghosted is a farmer, played by Chris Evans, hooking up with a beautiful Sadie Rhodes, played by Ana de Armas. The lady tells Cole Turner that she is an art curator, but to the contrary, she is a lethal secret agent. They display a wonderful chemistry that makes the rom-com flow seamlessly, but what you may miss is the star-packed power in the movie in the form of cameos.

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Dexter Fletcher directs Ghosted, which runs for 116 minutes. It has its share of hilarious moments with actors appearing, making this movie a roller coaster. The actors give out stunning performances that boost the movie’s premise.

Ghosted Apple TV

As the movie progresses, Cole Turner traverses the globe to surprise Sadie, but we encounter various actors we have met in the MCU universe along the way. So, today, we will look at the superstars that appear in Apple TV+ Ghosted.

Anthony Mackie

How can we forget the main character that replaces Chris Evans as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? In this show, he appears as a bounty hunter assigned to hunt and capture Cole. Mackie dukes it out with other bounty hunters as the bounty on the two love birds is high. But unfortunately, due to the rivalry and the payout on the bounty placed, Mackie is taken out almost immediately.

Sabastian Stan

Another MCU star to grace our screen in Ghosted is Sabastian Stan, the winter soldier. Just like he is quiet in the Marvel movies, Stan translates his character as a silent type but has a lot of energy. The duo of Sam (Antony Mackie) and Bucky (Sabastian Stan) has serious chemistry that translates into a hilarious moment when Mackie’s character runs him over with a truck.

Ryan Reynolds

We get Deadpool here too! Ryan Reynold plays one of Sadie’s exes and is portrayed as a white suit-wearing thug with an eye patch. But unfortunately, there is no action with Reynolds as the scene he appears in is where Sadie and Cole are involved in a shoot-out with the criminals that want the secret weapon.

Ryan’s character starts to talk to Sadie about how he made a mistake in what he brought to the relationship. However, we do not see much of Reynold as Sadie is busy fighting the criminals. But we can all assume that this is a favour Chris cashed in after he appeared in Free Guy.

John M Cho

Apart from MCU actors, you will also see John M Cho, best known as the adventure-seeking young adult in Harold and Kumar. In this movie, however, he takes on the mantle of a bounty hunter, just like Mackie and Stan’s characters.

Cho is also tasked with capturing the two love birds and handing them over to Leveque. John is, however, distracted by the unresolved issues that Cole and Sadie have in their relationship before he can capture them. Unfortunately, John Cho’s character is also killed by another bounty hunter.

Burn Gorman

Another non-MCU actor you will see in the movie is Burn Gorman. You might remember him from Pacific Rim, but in Ghosted, he is a cab driver taking Cole to the last location where his inhaler is traced. During his appearance, he tries to convince Chris’s character Cole that it is a bad idea to go and surprise Sadie. Gorman’s Cameo is not that big but a drift from his usual serious movie roles.

Ghosted streams on Apple TV+, where you can watch your favourite Cameos from the movie.

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