Top Gun-inspired Bollywood flick Fighter, which stars Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone and Anil Kapoor, has been banned across the Gulf, including the UAE.

While the movie was outright blocked from release in the majority of the Gulf countries, the UAE Media Council had approved its release for January 25, according to The National. However, things suddenly changed overnight, and advanced bookings for the movie were removed from local cinemas like Novo Cinemas and Vox Cinemas.

According to the film’s distributor, Home Screen Entertainment, the movie has been “suspended”, but no particular reason was given for the removal of the film.

Why is Fighter banned in UAE?

Fighter is one of the top-billed releases from India this year, helmed by Siddharth Anand, who previously directed War and Pathaan and was responsible for kick-starting the YRF Spyverse.

The film follows a group of Indian Air Force aviators who come together to form Air Dragons to combat imminent danger from neighbouring country Pakistan. The plot could possibly hint at why the movie was suspended from release, as many reviews have highlighted the ultra-jingoism present in the movie and the possible caricaturish representation of Pakistanis.

This was mentioned in our review as well, where we said, “The jingoism and the attendant spirit are amped up, and the enemy country is spelt out and portrayed in a not surprising, unflattering light.”

It is not clear if or when the movie will be released in the region. The UAE Media Council hasn’t offered any statement on the issue.

Mufaddal Fakhruddin
Mufaddal Fakhruddin

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