The Hindi web series City of Dreams Season 3 is now streaming on Disney+ in the UAE. It is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and stars Atul Kulkarni, Priya Bapat, Sachin Pilgaonkar, Sushant Singh, Eijaz Khan, Rannvijay Singha

Where can I watch City of Dreams Season 3 in the UAE

City of Dreams Season 3 is now streaming on Disney+ in the UAE. There is no free trial currently available for Disney Plus in the UAE, and you’ll have to sign up for it to watch it.

City of Dreams Season 3 review

When a web series is in its third season, you can safely assume that the makers would repeat parts of it that they deem to have worked in the first two seasons. The third season of City of Dreams, a political-crime saga primarily set in Maharashtra, is no exception to this rule. The show’s first season came out in May 2019, followed by the sophomore instalment in July 2021.

Director Nagesh Kukunoor copped some flak for the episodes in the second season that treated the rough and tumble of politics as kid’s play. Yet, the second season was deemed a success. And so, in the third offering, Kukunoor sticks to the pattern and churns out something along predictable lines but manages to keep it engrossing for the viewers with some exciting and odd-ball side characters.

City of Dreams Season 3

There is the media mogul (Rannvijay Singha), who is fearful, stepping out into the open and keeping himself to his funky home is an interesting persona that gives the series an interesting allure. Such zany characters allow us to take our minds off that the central story — of the embattled Gaikwads — is moving on a none-too-new trajectory.

Kukunoor and his co-writer Rohit Banawlikar also come up with subplots that are not directly related to the plot — but they provide distractions that don’t break the flow. It is a fact that at nine episodes, the series is decidedly long. If these story detours had been chopped, the series could have been taut. But the main storyline has nothing intrinsically new to stand on its own.

Understandably, the series starts off from where it left off. The Maharashtra Chief Minister Poornima Gaikwad (Priya Bapat)  loses her son Amit in a bomb blast. This season starts from here. But she cannot handle the bereavement, and the Chief Minister vanishes from the hurly-burly world of politics. Her father, Ameya Gaikwad (Atul Kulkarni), is perplexed. While he has to get someone to find his daughter’s whereabouts, he must keep the political wolves baying for his family’s blood at bay. The political arch-rival Jagdish (Sachin Pilgaonkar) and the woman with a score to settle Vibha (Divya Seth Shah), want to see Ameya suffer.

Season 3 of this series has understood that the real political world in Maharashtra has changed since the last one, And it duly acknowledges that. It gives good play to the chicanery behind the political curtain. This is what made the series tick. And you get a chunk of it here too.

City of Dreams Season 3

Another thing that goes for the series is the acting. Priya Bapat as the embattled mom and CM, is top-notch. She conveys the character’s inner vulnerability and outer hardness with elan. Atul Kulkarni as the scheming politico, is utterly believable. And Sachin Pilgaonkar, as his adversary, is splendid. This is among the better performances in his career. Eijaz Khan is bankable as the cop, and Divya Seth Shah, the new entrant to the series, is a welcome addition with her convincing presence.

City of Dreams as a political drama works for a large part.

Balakumar Kuppuswamy
Balakumar Kuppuswamy

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