Are you looking for the best series on Netflix in UAE and Saudi Arabia? From Lincoln Lawyer to Bridgerton, there are so many TV shows on Netflix that it becomes hard to find something to watch. But don’t worry- we’ve gone through all releases from 2023 and have picked up the best Netflix series you can watch right now.

This guide mostly has the best Netflix series in English. We have another guide for the best Indian movies and TV shows on Netflix in Hindi or Malayalam. There’s also a separate guide for New Movies on Netflix in the UAE.


Here is the list of the best shows on Netflix in UAE and Saudi Arabia. We go through all new shows released on Netflix every week, so bookmark this page and keep checking for new TV shows that are added.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1

Action, Adventure | Rating: 12

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender hits screens in February 2024, aiming to wash away the taste of the 2010 movie flop. 

With a cast that truly reflects the show’s Asian and Indigenous roots, including Daniel Dae Kim and newcomer Gordon Cormier as Aang, the series revisits the epic tale of a young avatar tasked with uniting a divided world. 

This adaptation seeks to stick closer to the beloved animated series’s heart, focusing on Aang’s and his friends’ journey as they navigate a world where the elements can be bent to one’s will. It’s a straightforward promise: to deliver the Avatar saga as it was meant to be seen, hoping to give fans the live-action version they’ve been craving finally.

Love Is Blind Season 6

Reality Game Show | Rating: 12

As Valentine’s Day is here, the hit reality show is back for a sixth season, following a new set of singles from Charlotte, North Carolina — all ready to cut through the static of modern dating and forge authentic relationships, sight unseen. This season, the singles form deep and immediate connections, setting the stage for an unexpected journey full of twists, turns, and shocking revelations that will test each relationship well after the participants leave the pods for the real world.

Watch it on Netflix on February 14, 2024.

The Vince Staples Show – Limited Series

Bio, Comedy | Rating: 16

Who’s Vince Staples? Well, that’s a tricky question. He’s kind of famous, but he’s not. He’s kind of rich, but he’s not. He’s also kind of a criminal. But he’s…not? Follow him as he navigates the challenges and surprises of everyday life, where Murphy’s Law seems to be his constant companion. 

The series stars Nate Jones, Tiberius Byrd and Cameron Alexander, and you can watch it on Netflix on February 15, 2024.

One Day Mini Series

Comedy, Drama | Rating: 18+

One Day tells the story of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, who, on 15th July 1988, the night of their graduation, speak for the very first time. The next morning, they go their separate ways, but where will they be on this one ordinary day the next year, the year after that, and every year that follows? 

This captivating miniseries reimagines David Nicholls’ beloved novel, following Emma and Dexter’s story across 20 years, but with a twist: we experience each year on the same day – July 15th.

The series stars Leo Woodall, Ambika Mod and Amber Grappy and streams on Netflix on February 8, 2024.

A Killer Paradox Season 1

Comedy, Crime | Rating: 18+

Hyun-woo is an ordinary man who happened to become a serial killer and a relentless detective devoted to catching him.

Haunted by his past and hunted by the relentless detective, Hyun-woo must outsmart Moo-jin at every turn. But as the truth starts to unravel, he discovers a shocking revelation that throws everything into question.

A Killer Paradox streams on Netflix on February 9, 2024, and stars Choi Woo-sik, Son Suk-ku and Lee Hee-joon.

Griselda – Limited Series

Biography, Crime | Rating: 16

Netflix, a biography TV show, and a story about a cartel starring Sofía Vergara! This is a recipe no one would want to miss! Griselda is a fictionalized dramatization inspired by the life of the savvy and ambitious Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most powerful cartels in history. Set in 1970s-80s Miami, Blanco’s lethal blend of unsuspected savagery and charm helps her expertly navigate between business and family, leading her to become widely known as (the Godmother).

Alberto Guerra and Juliana Aidén Martinez join Vergara in this limited series that streams January 25, 2024.

The Bequeathed Limited Series

Crime, Drama | Rating: 16

After the death of an unknown uncle, a woman inherits a burial ground and finds herself in the centre of a string of murders and dark secrets where things continue, and the secrets of the family are revealed. 

The series stars Kim Hyun-Joo, Park Hee-soon and Park Byeong-eun and will stream on Netflix on January 19, 2024.

Love on the Spectrum Season 2

Reality TV, Romance | Rating: All

If you’re in the mood for sweet love reality shows, you shouldn’t miss the Emmy Award-winning docu-reality series Love on the Spectrum U.S., which is an insightful and warm-hearted series following people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of dating and relationships. In its second season, this U.S.-based series tells the stories of a unique and diverse cast of characters — including new romantic hopefuls and familiar faces — searching for something we all hope to find: love and you can watch it on Netflix on January 19, 2024.

Boy Swallows Universe – Mini Series

Crime, Drama | Rating: 16

In a room below his house in 1980s Brisbane, Australia, Eli Bell answers a red telephone and begins a journey that will break his heart before ending it. Now Eli and his selectively mute brother embark on a suburban odyssey of love, redemption and retribution after their family is torn apart by a drug lord. 

Adapted from Trent Dalton’s iconic Australian novel, Boy Swallows Universe explores the crossroads where a boy becomes a man, good toys with evil, and the everyday meets the extraordinary.

The series stars Lee Tiger Halley, Christopher James Baker and Phoebe Tonkin, and streams on Netflix January 11, 2024.

Fool Me Once Limited Series

Crime, Drama | Rating: 16

Awards winner author Hrlan Coben signed a five-year contract with Netflix for 14 of his novels to be developed into Netflix original series or films, with him serving as executive producer on all projects, and from this deal comes ‘Fool Me Once’.

The series follows Maya Stern who is trying to come to terms with the brutal murder of her husband, Joe. But when Maya installs a nanny-cam to keep an eye on her young daughter, she is shocked to see a man she recognizes in her house. Her husband, who she thought was dead.

The series stars Richard Armitage, Michelle Keegan and Adeel Akhtar, and streams on Netflix in January 01, 2024.

The Brothers Sun Season 1

Action, Comedy | Rating: 16

The Brothers Sun are blazing this week on Netflix, bringing a whirlwind of fists, laughs, and secrets in their wake.

When the head of a powerful Taiwanese triad is shot by a mysterious assassin, his eldest son, legendary killer Charles Sun heads to Los Angeles to protect his mother and his naive younger brother who’s been completely sheltered from the truth of his family until now.

The series stars Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh, plus Justin Chien and Sam Song Li, and streams on Netflix January 04, 2024.

Pokémon Concierge Season 1

Animation, Adventure | Rating: 6

Welcome to the Pokémon Resort, where every day is a wild adventure. The delightful series follows Haru, a new concierge, who takes care of the Pokémon alongside the experienced senior staff. As she learns how to make her guests happy, she also embarks on a journey of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery.

The series stars Karen Fukuhara, Imani Hakim and Lori Alan, and streams on Netflix December 28, 2023.

Berlin Season 1

Action, Crime | Rating: 14

For all Money Heist’s fan, Berlin’s Back to his golden age before the events of the famous series where he gathers with a masterful gang in Paris to plan one of his most ambitious robberies ever. 

There are only two things that are sure to turn a bad day into a great one: love, and a payday worth millions. They’re what keep Berlin going through his golden years, a time when he still has no inkling of his illness and hasn’t gotten trapped like a rat in the Spanish Mint. This is where he starts preparing one of his most extraordinary heists: making jewels worth 44 million disappear like some sort of magic trick. 

The series stars Pedro Alonso, Najwa Nimri, Begoña Vargas and Itziar Ituño, and streams on Netflix December 29, 2023.

Dubai Bling Season 2

Reality TV | Rating: 16+

After a successful first season, with the show trending in the Netflix Global Top 10 for Non-English series and reaching the top 10 list in over 47 countries, the streaming platform has once again gathered cast and crew of the hit reality show for a second outing. Along with the returning cast, which includes personalities like Kris Fade, DJ Bliss, Ebraheem Al Samadi, Zeina Khoury, Lojain Omran, Safa Siddiqui, Farhana Bodi and Loujain Adad, the new season will also add Huda Beauty co-founder Mona Kattan.

Gyeongseong Creature Season 1

Horror, Action | Rating: 16

In a city under Japanese colonial rule emerges a tale of creatures born from greed, and the two young adults who must battle to survive. In the spring of 1945 at the mysterious Ongseong Hospital in Gyeongseong, an entrepreneur and a sleuth fight for survival and face a creature born from human greed.

The show stars Park Seo-joon, Claudia Kim and Wi Ha-joon, and streams on Netflix in December 22, 2023.

That concludes our list of the best Netflix series in Dubai and the UAE. Have you watched any of these shows? Is there one missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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