OSN Plus has some excellent content with TV series, but you can also find some of the latest and past blockbuster movies on the streaming service. We also have a guide for what’s new on OSN, but in this one, we’re focusing on the best the streaming service offers.

There is plenty to choose from, such as King Richard starring Will Smith or Mission: Impossible- Fallout with Tom Cruise. The number of movies can be overwhelming, so we have picked the best movies on OSN 2023.

Alternatively, you can also check out content from specific streaming services:

How much does it cost to subscribe to OSN+?

Subscribing to OSN+ is AED 35 per month, but keep looking for yearly deals that drop the pricing considerably. There is also a free seven-day trial to figure out if you’d like to be a paying subscriber.

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Best Movies on OSN Plus

Here is a list of some of the best movies on OSN in Dubai and the UAE. We go through all of the new movies released on OSN Plus every week, so bookmark this page and keep checking for new movies that are added.

Comedy, Drama | Rating: PG15

Sam & Kate

In the heart of a bustling city, two unlikely souls find solace and connection through their shared love of baking.

The film takes place in a small town in the heart of the country, where Sam returns to Wisconsin to take care of his sick father Bill. While he’s there, Sam falls for a local woman called Kate, a beautiful and adventurous woman. At the same time, Bill starts to fall for Kate’s mom Tina. The course of true love never runs smooth, and these four will be forced to confront their pasts while trying to make new love work in their lives.

The movie stars Dustin Hoffman and his real life son Jake Hoffman, with Schuyler Fisk and Sissy Spacek, and streams on OSN+ starting November 24, 2023.

Docu | Rating: PG15

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived is a 2023 documentary that follows the life of David Holmes, a stuntman who was paralyzed in a 2009 on-set accident while working on the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. The film also explores the close friendship between Holmes and actor Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the film series.

This documentary is directed by Dan Hartley and you can watch it on OSN+ starting November 16, 2023.

Comedy, Thriller | Rating: 18+

Crazy Bear

If you missed Crazy Bear when it hit cinemas earlier this year, you can now watch it from the comfort of your homes on OSN+ starting November 10, 2023! 

The movie is directed by Elizabeth Banks, and stars Keri Russell, Alden Ehrenreic, and tells the story of 

A black bear that consumes a significant amount of drugs after a drug smuggler’s plane crashes nearby. Under the influence of the powerful drug, the bear becomes enraged and embarks on a rampage through the Georgia forest, endangering the lives of cops, criminals, tourists, and teens that cross its path.

Horror, Mystery | Rating: 18+

Knock at the Cabin

If you missed Dave Bautista’s Knock at the Cabin in cinemas, you can watch it from the comfort of your homes on OSN+ starting November 3, 2023. The film follows a family who is terrorized by a mysterious stranger who arrives at their cabin in the woods. The stranger is demanding something from the family, but they are not sure what. As the night goes on, the family becomes increasingly isolated and paranoid, and they must fight for their survival.

The movie is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and stars Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge.

Drama, Horror | Rating PG15

Bones and All

Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All follows Maren and Lee, two cannibals who set out on a road trip across America as they explore their shared identity and desires while trying to outrun their pasts haunted by the victims they have eaten. The romantic horror film stars Taylor Russell and Timothee Chalamet.

Drama, Music | Rating 18+


Tar follows Lydia, a successful classical musician whose life and career are jeopardised when a young student, Krista, commits suicide and blames her for sexual misconduct. Lydia denies the accusations, but as they become public, she is forced to step down from her position as a conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. 

Comedy, Action | Rating 18+

Violent Night

On Christmas Eve, a group of mercenaries break into a wealthy family’s compound and take everyone hostage. However, they are unprepared for an unexpected visitor: Santa Claus. Santa is not the jolly old man that everyone expects him to be. Instead, he is a skilled fighter and marksman – a John Wick in Santa’s clothes, if you must.

Biography, Drama | Rating PG13

King Richard

King Richard was released in 2021 to much critical acclaim and also fetched Will Smith, the lead actor in the movie, an Oscar for his performance. The movie is a biographical drama about Richard Willaims, the father of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Willaims, as he teaches his two young daughters to achieve success and greatness in the popular sport.

Drama | Rating 18+

Armageddon Time

Paul comes from a wealthy family, and his father is determined to give his son the best possible education. He sends Paul to a prestigious school where he is the only Jewish student in his class. As Paul explores his high school years, he finds himself struggling to find his place in the world and learn about the racism and prejudice that was rampant at the time. However, he finds strength in his friendship with Johnny and begins to learn about the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

Action, Thriller | PG14

Mission: Impossible – Fallout 

Mission Impossible – Fallout is the sixth instalment in the long-running spy franchise and begins two years after the events of Rogue Nation. Hunt and his team are tracking down Syndicate leader Solomon Lane, who manages to escape with the help of terrorists known as Apostles. The Apostles also steal three plutonium cores and plan to use them to build nuclear bombs for nefarious purposes (duh!).

Thriller, Drama | Rating 18+

The Independent 

The Independent is an American political thriller that follows a reporter who uncovers a conspiracy theory that could potentially impact the results of an upcoming presidential election. Quite topical, eh?

Amy Rice directs the 2022 film that stars Jodie Turner-Smith, John Cena, Brian Cox, Luke Kirby, Stephan Lang, and Ann Dowd. 

Action, Western | Rating 18+

Dead for a Dollar

Dead for a Dollar follows the story of bounty hunter Max Borlound, who likes money but is pragmatic about who he takes it from. Businessman Martin Kidd hires him to find his missing wife, Rachel, who he believes has been abducted by an African-American army deserter, Elijah Jones. Borlound tracks Rachel in Mexico and soon learns that she has fled her abusive marriage with Kidd and wants to live a happy and peaceful life with Jones.

Thriller | Rating 18+


Dr Nate Daniels is a grieving widower trying to find a way to move forward after the sudden death of his wife. He takes his two teenage daughters to a South African game reserve to reconnect with old family friend and wildlife biologist Martin Battles. 

However, their peaceful trip takes a deadly turn when they encounter a ferocious lion that has survived the brutal attacks of poachers. As the lion begins to stalk them, the group must fight for survival in Africa’s harsh and unforgiving wilderness. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best movies in OSN to watch in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. We keep updating this page every week, so make sure you bookmark it. Hit us in the comments below to highlight any movie you’ve seen from the above list and what you thought of it.

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