Apple has been on a roll, producing excellent content for its streaming service, Apple TV Plus. Arguably, Apple TV Plus has a much better selection of TV shows- and we’ve picked the Best Apple TV Shows in another guide; there are tons of great movies on the platform as well. This guide covers the best movies on Apple TV.

Alternatively, you can also check out content from specific streaming services:

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How much does an Apple TV Plus subscription cost?

Apple TV Plus costs AED 27.99 per month. Apple usually runs some good promotions, such as three free months or three months when you buy an Apple device, so keep an eye out for that.

Best Movies on Apple TV in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

Here is the list of the best movies on Apple TV in Dubai and the UAE. We go through all new movies released on Apple TV Plus every week, so bookmark this page and keep checking for new movies that are added.

Animation, Drama | Rating: G

The Velveteen Rabbit

In a world where toys come to life, a longed-for wish is about to come true.

Journey into the enchanting world of a child’s imagination, where a velveteen rabbit yearns for nothing more than to become real. Hop along on an adventure of friendship, love, and transformation as the Velveteen Rabbit embarks on a quest to discover what it truly means to be alive.

One magical night, as the child sleeps peacefully, the Velveteen Rabbit’s wish is granted. A benevolent fairy bestows upon him the gift of life, allowing him to feel and experience the world in all its richness.

Overwhelmed with joy, the Velveteen Rabbit embarks on a series of heartwarming adventures, sharing laughter and companionship with his newfound friends. He learns the value of true friendship, the power of unconditional love, and the importance of cherishing every moment.

The movie stars Helena Bonham Carter, Nicola Coughlan and Alex Lawther, and you can watch it on Apple TV+ starting November 22, 2023.

Romance, Drama | Rating: 18+


The film is set in a near-future world where a new technology has been developed to test the presence of romantic love in couples. Anna and Ryan is a couple who decide to take the test, but the results are not what they expected. Anna begins to question her feelings for Ryan, and she embarks on a journey to discover what true love really means.

The movie is directed by Christos Nikou and stars Christos Nikou, Sam Steiner and Stavros Raptis  and you can watch it on Apple TV+ starting November 3, 2023.

Documentary | Rating: 15

The Pigeon Tunnel

The Pigeon Tunnel tells the story of John le Carré, one of the most famous spy novelists ever. His novels are known for their realistic portrayal of espionage, as he derived much of the information from his time working for the British intelligence service MI16 in 1952. 

The Apple TV+ biopic features an intimate and revealing look at le Carré’s life, with interviews with the writer himself and his family, friends, and colleagues. It streams on October 20, 2023, on the service.

Drama, Music | Rating: 18+

Flora And Son

A musical comedy-drama, Flora and Son follows the story of a mother, Flora, struggling to connect with her teenage son, Max. Desperate to find him a hobby, she buys a guitar from a pawn shop.

Max is initially reluctant to play but soon warms up to the instrument and shows promise. With the help of Jeff, a former American musician, Flora and Max start to bond over their love for music and even begin to write songs together.

Apple TV+’s latest flick aims to be an uplifting film about the power of music and its ability to unite people. John Carney directs it and stars Eve Hewson, Oren Kinlan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more. 

Comedy, Drama | Rating: 18+

The Beanie Bubble

The Beanie Bubble follows the rise and fall of Beanie Babies, a line of collectable stuffed toys that became a cultural phenomenon in the late 1990s. The film follows Ty Warner, a failed salesman who comes up with the idea for Beanie Babies and partners with three women, Rebecca Rudman, Kathleen Waugh, and Bonnie Strauss, to launch the toy line.

The film explores the factors that contributed to the Beanie Babies’ success, why it failed, and the human stories behind the phenomenon.

The Beanie Bubble is directed by Barry Levinson and stars Zach Galifianakis, Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Snook, and Paul Walter Hauser.

Documentary| Rating: 18+

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

This documentary, directed by Davis Guggenheim, tells the story of the iconic actor’s rise to stardom, his battle with Parkinson’s disease, and his relentless optimism in the face of adversity.

The film offers a unique look at Fox’s public and private life, incorporating a mix of documentary, archival, and scripted elements. Through never-before-seen footage and intimate interviews with Fox and his family, the film delves into the personal and professional challenges he faced, from his early career struggles to his Parkinson’s diagnosis and beyond.

Action, Adventure | Rating: PG13


Headlined by Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, this electrifying action-romance film follows the story of Cole, a down-to-earth and humble guy who unexpectedly falls in love with the enigmatic Sadie. Their romance is cut short when Cole discovers that Sadie is a highly skilled secret agent.

As Cole struggles to come to terms with Sadie’s true identity, they find themselves embroiled in a high-stakes international mission to save the world from a dangerous threat. The couple must navigate through a labyrinth of danger, deception, and high-octane action to outwit the enemy and save the world.

Drama | Rating: 18+


This Apple TV+ original tells the story of one of the most popular video games in history, Tetris. The film centres on how Tetris became a household name that eventually found its way to every household since its creation.

Henk Rogers is a Dutch video game designer responsible for securing the rights for Tetris and is the main reason it made its way to every console and device until the present. Discovering the game in 1988, he risks everything by heading to the Soviet Union and enlisting the help of inventor Alexey Pajitnov so they can bring the game to everyone’s hands.

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