Too Hot to Handle season 5 was a treat, and fans are keen to know what happens behind the scenes. Last week, Isaac, Megan, and Yazmin revealed all!

Do the cast have their phones at the retreat? When and what do they eat? Are they really filmed all the time? Find out the answers to all these questions (and more) in this article!

(Note: The answers are from Yazmin, Isaac, and Megan’s recent TikTok posts.)

Is Too Hot to Handle Scripted?

Yazmin says the cast are ‘pushed to have conversations with each other’, but they aren’t ‘handed a script every morning’. In other words, producers might encourage them to pursue certain lines of conversation, but the cast ultimately decides for themselves what they say and how they react.

Do the Cast Have Their Phones During Filming?

No. Megan from season 5 says their phones were taken as soon as they landed in Turks and Caicos, and they got their phones back just before flying home. Isaac describes the phone situation as ‘Area 51’! 

When and What Do They Eat?

Isaac, Yazmin, and Megan reveal all: breakfasts included fruit, yoghurt, and cereal, while lunch and dinner were cooked by a private chef.

According to Isaac, the meals weren’t that great initially—often ‘dry’, ‘overcooked’, or ‘not enough’. Luckily, a producer passed on the cast’s feedback, and the chef soon upped his game!

Yazmin adds that they could also ask for snacks like sandwiches and bagels during the day. Isaac often requested fruit and protein shakes, while Megan and Yazmin would ask for chocolate and ice cream. Megan says, ‘I love sweets, so I was very happy about that!’.

What’s the Deal with Alcohol?

‘You were only allowed one glass of wine a night,’ says Megan. ‘There was one night where we were allowed two’!

What’s the Sleep Schedule Like? 

Megan admits she isn’t sure because the cast didn’t have their phones during filming, and there were no clocks in the villa.

Do the Cameras Really Film All the Time and Everywhere?

According to Megan, there are ‘cameras everywhere, even in the toilets’. Isaac also describes a ‘military base’ facility near the villa from which they were observed on CCTV at all times.

Isaac adds that if someone in the cast began talking about something they shouldn’t, the producers surrounding the villa would come in and put a stop to it.

The only time the cast weren’t under camera surveillance, says Yazmin, was during their lunch breaks. And even then, they were still under the watchful eye of producers! The ladies would sit at one table and the men at another, and secret conversations were impossible.

Being filmed constantly seemed to take its toll on Yazmin for a while; she said in a recent Instagram post that, on returning home, she remembers ‘thinking every security camera in real life was filming me’!

Does Lana Really Speak Like We Hear Her on TV?

Megan confirms that Lana does speak to the cast; they hear Lana just like viewers do. Isaac adds that the conversations in the cabana with Lana were laborious because there were really long pauses between Lana’s sentences while the producers entered new text for her to speak.

How Do the Confessionals Work?

Yazmin explains that confessionals are usually filmed straight after a scene is recorded. In the confessionals, the cast talk to the cameras about what happened in the scene and how they feel about it.

Apparently, though, there isn’t enough time to film the confessionals on some days, so catching up is done on rainy days. But Yazmin stresses that ‘most of the time you film them right after the scene, so emotions are very genuine’.

Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods

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