If you are a fan of streaming movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, you may have to brace yourself for some changes in the near future. Amazon has announced that Prime Video will show ads on its popular streaming service in 2024. 

The ads will be limited to 15 seconds before and after the content and will not interrupt the viewing experience. The company said the ads should help offer their advertisers and customers more value. It will also help fund more original content for the platform.

However, not all Prime Video users will see the ads simultaneously. According to Reuters, Amazon will launch the ads in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom in 2024 and then expand to other countries later. 

Amazon Prime Video will show ads in the UAE as well?

The UAE is not among the initial markets that will see the ads, but Amazon will likely roll out the feature in the region after testing it in other markets.

So, what does this mean for UAE users? For now, nothing much. 

You can still enjoy the benefits of Prime Video without ads, such as free one-day delivery, free international delivery, exclusive early access to deals, Prime Gaming perks, and free Deliveroo Plus. You can also watch Amazon Originals like The Grand Tour, Mirzapur, and The Boys.

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Implications for the Future

But in the future, you may have to decide whether to watch ads on a paid service. Some users may not mind seeing ads if they get more content and value from Prime Video. Others may prefer an ad-free experience and may switch to other streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, or Apple TV+. 

For now, we’ll have to wait and see how the addition of ads will affect the growth of the Prime Video platform in the UAE and other markets.

Jian Bacallan
Jian Bacallan

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Mufaddal Fakhruddin
2 months ago

I thought Prime was always showing adverts/trailers before watching any new content? As long as they keep it pre and post, I don’t mind. Still a better deal than other streaming platforms!

2 months ago

Atleast it’s just before and afterwards.

Daanesh Kalyaniwalla
Daanesh Kalyaniwalla
2 months ago

Yeah I’m just gonnna pay to get the ads out of my way