Season 20 of Dragons’ Den UK hosted a fascinating variety of investment pitches. While some hopefuls sought support for their trailblazing vegan or wellness brands, others impressed dragons and viewers with their unique and quirky inventions.

Now that the investments are sealed, which winning businesses are doing the best in the real world? Let’s catch up with some of the top dogs from Dragons’ Den season 20 and check out where you can buy their products today.

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Teddie and Marissa’s Matcha Energy Drinks

Pitching matcha energy drinks as a healthy, anxiety-free alternative to coffee, Teddie and Marissa (PerfectTed) wowed the dragons with their business acumen and personality. So impressed were the dragons that all five of them made an offer.

Since securing a deal with Peter Jones and Steven Bartlett, PerfectTed have been flying high. They’re stocked in one of the ‘big four’ UK supermarkets, boast 4+ star ratings at the health store Holland & Barrett, and have a very active social media following.

Caroline’s Female Hormone Supplements

Caroline’s story about her struggles with adult acne struck a chord with the dragons and viewers. Instead of just masking the problem, Caroline’s plant-based supplements (Botanycl) aim to resolve a root cause of acne in women: high androgen.

Testament to Botanycl’s success is that it sold out immediately after appearing on TV on Dragons’ Den. Investors Steven and Peter must be proud! You can buy the SkinClear Elixir on Amazon or the company website.

Craig’s Friends-and-Family Loans App

Lending between family and friends is commonplace but complicated, and savvy entrepreneur Craig capitalised on this. He created an app (JustLend) that helps you track informal loans and ensure you get your money back from family and friends.

Once again, Steven Bartlett was the investing dragon, sealing a deal of £100,000 for 10% equity. This favourable valuation heralds a bright future for JustLend; head to their website to get started with your profile.

Hilary and Will’s Vegan Meal Kits

Offering a high-end, purely vegan alternative to HelloFresh (Planthood), Hilary and Will were put on the hot seat for their high price point and valuation. Luckily, the plant-loving couple stood their ground and bagged an investment from Steven Bartlett.

Since then, it’s been plain sailing for Planthood: they sold out after their episode aired, have a growing following on social media, and boast glowing ratings on Trustpilot. You can subscribe to their vegan meal kits on the Planthood website.

Zoe’s Toddler Potty Training Aid

Inventive mother Zoe solved a problem known to parents globally: she designed a portable potty (KiddiWhizz) that toddlers can carry with them and use wherever they go. On discovering the product on Dragons’ Den, viewers quickly took to Twitter to praise Zoe’s ingenious idea.

Where is KiddiWhizz now? They’re selling very well on their website and Amazon—and if investment from Sara Davies and Steven Bartlett is anything to go by, there are great things to come for the brand.

Grace and Jane’s Spiritual Wellness Brand

Clairvoyance, crystal healing, and aromatherapy are all the rage, and Grace and Jane’s brand (Psychic Sisters) is leading the way. They were already stocked in Asos, Selfridges, and Holland & Barrett before appearing on Dragons’ Den, and this impressive portfolio led to offers from four out of five dragons.

With Deborah Meaden and Sara Davies now in tow, Psychic Sisters are thriving. Their products are still selling online, and they continue to offer clairvoyance services to global—sometimes even celebrity—clients (including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and more!).

…And that’s a wrap! You’re now in the loop with some of the most successful investments from Dragons’ Den Season 20. In the coming weeks, we will publish a roundup of the best Dragons’ Den businesses of all time—so watch this space.

Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods

Lucy studied modules in cinema and visual culture at university. Her favourite genres include crime, reality, dystopian, and biopics. In addition to writing for Tbreak, Lucy writes and edits for various lifestyle publications.

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