After the recent toxic happenings on The Ultimatum season 2, the new Love Is Blind: After the Altar is a breath of fresh air. Several of the season 4 couples are still together, their relationships are thriving, and even the more immature castmates showed growth in the new episodes.

Here you can catch up on the 10 most wholesome moments of Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4. These new episodes prove that good reality TV doesn’t have to be all about disputes and drama.

1. Zack’s Story for Bliss and Her Pets

Zack and Bliss are incredibly in love—so much so that Bliss even gave up her beloved pets for a while since Zack was so badly allergic to them.

In the new episodes, we learn that Zack wrote a story for Bliss about her pets to comfort her—with a surprise ending that they would sort things out and bring the pets home!

The gesture was very sweet on Zack’s part. He agreed to doing rounds of allergy shots for months so that Bliss’ fur babies could return.

2. Kwame Nearly Holding Hands with Zack in Bed(!)

In the reunion episodes, we also learn that Zack and Bliss are really good friends with Chelsea and Kwame. They all go on joint holidays together, sharing a hotel room with two double beds.

Bliss fondly tells a story of a time when Kwame and Zack were asleep in the separate beds and each had an arm overhanging the space between. It looked like they were trying to hold hands in their sleep!

If that isn’t a sign of a good friendship, we don’t know what is.

3. Paul’s Mum Trying to Recouple Micah and Paul

It turns out in the new episodes that Micah has remained friends with Paul’s mother and that they talk together about Paul quite often.

This might be an unusual dynamic, but it’s still sweet to see how invested Paul’s mum is in Micah, making sure she’s okay, and trying to rekindle the relationship for her son.

Despite all the viewer skepticism, it seemed like Micah truly did love Paul, and vice versa.

4. Bliss Admitting Zack Has Made Her ‘Cheesy’

It seems Bliss isn’t the most romantic of people; in the new episodes, she describes several of hers and Zack’s stories as ‘cheesy’ and rolls her eyes.

But, deep down, it seems like Bliss doesn’t mind it really—she fondly admits she was never cheesy in her life until she met Zack.

5. Irina Working on Herself

Irina annoyed her castmates and some viewers in season 4 with her alleged ‘mean girl’ behaviour. In the new episodes, it’s encouraging to hear, in her conversation with Micah and Shelby, that Irina is taking a lot of time to work on herself and avoiding relationships for now.

Irina jokes that ‘No-one wants to date Beans’ anyway, making a funny reference to a cruel joke that spread on social media about her looks.

6. Kwame’s Sister Supporting His Relationship

Kwame’s Sister Supporting His Relationship

Chelsea had trouble winning over Kwame’s mother, and Kwame’s sister Baraba has been extremely supportive. The new episodes reveal that Chelsea finally got to meet Kwame’s mother thanks to Barbara, and a sweet moment is shared between Chelsea and Barbara where Barbara admits that Chelsea crying makes her cry, too.

7. Micah Apologising to Chelsea

For many viewers, Micah was another villain in season 4; she openly flirted with Kwame when he was already getting serious with Chelsea.

During After the Altar, Micah apologises to Chelsea at the football game, confessing that she looks up to Chelsea and sees her as ‘strong and kind’.

8. Chelsea Cheering Tiffany On

Meanwhile, during the football game, a cute moment involves Chelsea cheering on Tiffany despite her being on the other team.

Chelsea admits it’s because they’re such good friends—a sweet moment to see.

9. Jackie and Marshall Exchanging Apologies and a Hug

Jackie and Marshall’s breakup was heated in season 4 and was followed by a lot of drama on social media. Luckily, they make sweet amends in After the Altar, each apologising for their behaviour and showing respect for the other’s new relationship.

While Marshall apologises for pressuring Jackie into a failing relationship, Jackie says sorry for hurting Marshall and not being ‘nurturing’. Their apologies seem genuine and validate both sides of their rocky story.

10. The Closing Montage of Zack and Bliss

In an endearing end to the After the Altar episodes, we see Zack and Bliss on holiday together, dancing in the streets and jokingly conspiring to free zoo animals together. Zack says to the cameras ‘It’s kind of a cool feeling, being the Goytowskis’, to which Bliss replies ‘Look at you smiling and being cute’. 

If any couple could win a cheesiness award for Love Is Blind season 4, it certainly would be Zack and Bliss—but they’re so funny and endearing that you can only love them.

…And that’s a wrap! You’ve now caught up with the most wholesome highlights of Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4. Make sure to keep an eye out for Love Is Blind season 5—it airs on Netflix on September 22.

Lucy Woods
Lucy Woods

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