The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia have reportedly snapped thousands of Nvidia graphics cards for their burgeoning artificial intelligence initiatives.

The short to medium-term goals of these nations are aimed at becoming an AI powerhouse. They are taking strides in making extensive investments in building out the infrastructure and growing expertise for city building, healthcare, education, and energy.

Nvidia has also taken a gamble in the past with their latest generation of graphics cards, as they have been created with AI in mind. Their chips can perform complex calculations faster and more efficiently than traditional processors.

According to several sources, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have bought thousands of the latest GPUs from Nvidia. These include the GeForce RTX 30 series and the Ampere A100, designed for gaming and data center applications.

The exact number of chips is not yet disclosed, but it is estimated to be significant and worth millions of dollars.

Although we don’t know the specifics of this deal, sources have said that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are looking to use these chips in different AI projects. On the pipeline are smart city development, autonomous driving, and cloud computing.

Fueled by the ambition of both countries to become AI hubs in the region and the world, these graphics card purchase signals the start of that era.

The UAE, in particular, has already revealed its next phase in AI strategies and initiatives, which will foster a culture of research and development.

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