Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the mobility arm of the UAE’s flagship satellite solutions provider Yahsat has launched a new multi-language software for Thuraya MarineStar, its award-winning maritime voice, tracking and monitoring solution.

The new firmware, “MNB_2.0_ML”, offers a range of enhanced features to boost productivity, optimise workflow on vessels, and enhance compliance with international maritime regulations over a secure and reliable network.

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Since its launch in 2019, the best-in-class MarineStar has witnessed resounding and unparalleled success in international maritime markets, with more than 29,000 devices sold. Its popularity stems from its versatility. It is an entry-level solution built on the same successful voice platform that sold over one million Thuraya satellite voice devices. It enables tracking and monitoring, in addition to voice communications. Hence vessel operators do not have to invest more in their tracking systems or a brand-new tracking application.

MarineStar’s new 2.0 ML firmware upgrades the terminal’s geofencing and air programme capabilities, enhancing its tracking, monitoring, fish catch reporting and integration capabilities and seven languages in one software package. Additionally, it introduces a new reporting mechanism for fishing and port call status, which benefits vessel owners and maritime port authorities. The game-changing software enables analysis of fishing locations along with the duration of fishing activity. This feature reduces the risk of overfishing and ensures compliance with national and international regulations for sustainable fishing.

Yahsat’s Chief Commercial Officer, Sulaiman Al Ali said: “Thuraya has acustomer-centric mindset that allows us to innovate and provide the end-user with efficient yet affordable technology, tailored for their day-to-day business needs. The new MarineStar software gives users an even stronger competitive advantage, which is unrivalled in the marine communications’ market. We are developing state-of-the-art technological solutions for the advancement of the maritime and fishing industries that directly contribute to the growth of a sustainable blue economy.”

Currently, the fishing industry contributes 1.5% of global GDP. The recent COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing international conflicts and weather variations due to climate change mean a continuous need to equip the fishing community with highly responsive and affordable communication solutions that can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. The inspiration for the new software was customers’ driving need for an adaptive platform to increase business efficiency and productivity without incurring unexpected charges.

Resilient to harsh environments, Thuraya MarineStar digitalizes critical applications such as SOS, fish catch reporting, vessel tracking and monitoring. Thuraya’s affordable turnkey web-based tracking and monitoring service, SatTrack for Marine, further enhanced its performance. SatTrack provides users with an easy-to-use online dashboard that displays data from Thuraya MarineStar terminals and enables fish catch reporting for further analysis, which is critical for sustainable fisheries.  

Abbas Jaffar Ali
Abbas Jaffar Ali

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