It’s officially here folks! Emaar’s first fully equipped 3D-printed smart home created in partnership with Xiaomi is now available for viewing in Arabian Ranches 3 here in the UAE. We took a tour of the smart home, and here’s everything you need to know about it. 

Why 3D printed, you ask? This construction method aims to finish buildings in a significantly reduced time while also decreasing waste and noise pollution. This initiative aligns with Dubai’s ‘Smart City’ vision and sustainability goals.

In April 2016, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy. The initiatives aim to make the UAE a leader in 3D printing technology as well as have 25% of the UAE’s buildings be 3D printed by then. 

What makes this truly “Home of the Future” is the amount of thought and advanced AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) built into it. Xiaomi designed the unit with this technology from the ground up to make it all work seamlessly and automatically.

Right before you enter the home, you’ll stumble upon the first smart device, the doorbell. When you ring this doorbell, it sends a notification to the owner, notifying them of your arrival and opening a direct line of communication between the two of you. The owner can then open the door for you without having to get up. 

Sensors everywhere

When you step in, you’ll find the first automation kick-in with the sensors installed in the home. These sensors can automatically detect your presence to turn on lights and open or close the curtains. The owner can even be alerted if there’s a leak in the kitchen or bathroom with its leak-sensing sensors.

All of these devices integrate seamlessly from one place, making it more than just individual smart devices working independently.

Automating your home

You can set routine actions to be done via the app. For instance, you can set the blinds to open up by 30% (or the desired percentage) to gently wake you up in the morning while the connected kettle runs to boil water for morning tea. 

Even your pets will love living in a home like this with the smart pet feeder that dispenses food at specific intervals you can control. Additionally, the lights are fully controlled by either the central control tablet or from under your fingertips with the application. 

These are only some of the use case scenarios that can be put to use to control your home. The best thing is that you can do any routine you like to make the home more convenient for you, and it’s all from the comfort of your seat.

We loved being in a home that was so convenient and easy to control. What about you, would you imagine yourself living in a home like this? 

Mostafa Eltaweel
Mostafa Eltaweel

Mostafa’s journey in the tech journalism industry began during his teenage years, fueled by his childhood fascination with PC hardware, technology, and video games. Recently, his interests have expanded to include Esports and regional competitions.


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