Best Amazon Kindle- Top offers in the UAE to carry your personal library everywhere

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best amazon kindle offers in the uae

If you’re an avid book lover, then it makes complete sense to invest in an Amazon Kindle and in this list you’ll find the best Amazon Kindle offers in the UAE. The Kindle lineup of e-readers has been a huge success for the company, coming in all kinds of shapes and features depending on your reading needs. Even if you still enjoy physical books, a Kindle is a great device to have for a number of very valid reasons.

Firstly, it’s a lot easier to carry around and takes up less space than a physical book. Secondly, it’s able to contain hundreds of books at a time, so you’re not just limited to reading one book at a time. Want to take a break from some non-fiction to catch up on a celebrity autobiography instead? With a Kindle you can easily swap between books or magazines to suit your mood.

They’re also much easier to read than a tablet or a phone screen, and can be used even outdoors in strong sunlight. Some models also come with an adjustable backlit display so you can read in any kind of lighting.

Of course, the real strength of a Kindle is its vast library of books that you can easily purchase with just a few taps with your Amazon account. There’s even support for Arabic books and literature, so you can read even more content on the go. Lastly, make sure you pick up a sleek Kindle cover to keep your new companion clean and away from bumps while you’re carrying it in your bag.

Here are the best Amazon Kindle offers in the UAE

All New Kindle (2022)

All-new Kindle (2022 release)

Display: 6", 300ppi

Storage: 16GB

Weight: 158g

Built-in light: Yes

03/29/2023 02:42 am GMT

This is the Kindle’s latest and cheapest option, which now comes in a variety of colors. It’s lightweight and holds thousands of books with ease, making it a great selection for first-time Kindle users.

Kindle Paperwhite 16GB

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Display: 6.8", 300ppi

Storage: 32GB

Weight: 208g

Built-in light: Yes

03/29/2023 02:32 am GMT

The Kindle Paperwhite is the next step up, offering great battery life even with a larger display and waterproofing (IPX8).

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition 32GB

One of the main perks of the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is the new wireless charging feature, which makes it easy to recharge your Kindle at any time.

Kindle Oasis 10th Gen 8GB

Kindle Oasis (10th Gen)

Display: 7", 300ppi

Storage: 8GB

Weight: 188g

Built-in light: Yes

03/29/2023 02:27 am GMT

With the largest display from the lineup, the Kindle Oasis is a fantastic large-screen e-reader that offers glare-free viewing and a strong, adjustable front light.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions on Amazon Kindle

Is Kindle being phased out?

Absolutely not. Amazon keeps pushing out new Kindle devices frequently which implies that the Kindle line-up is not being phased out.

How much is Amazon Kindle per month?

Kindle itself is a one-time purchase but you can optionally subscribe to Kindle Unlimited plan in some parts of the world for US$ 9.99 per month. That plan is not available in the Middle East.

Is the Amazon Kindle app free?

Yss, the Kindle app on your phone or tablet is free and allows you to read books or other content that is available on your Kindle account.

Can I read Kindle books on my computer?

Yes, you can download the Kindle Desktop app on your PC or Mac and read books from your computer.

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