Best vacuum cleaner offers in the UAE

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Best vacuum cleaner offers

Keeping your house clean may seem like a daunting task, but it’s made a lot easier with the right vacuum cleaner. Getting the best vacuum cleaner offers can be hard work, which is why we’ve taken out the guesswork from picking your next cleaning companion. Don’t underestimate this essential household item – a good vacuum cleaner can make quick work of any cleanup operation, so it’s important that you pick the right one for the job.

Whether you opt for a wired or wireless vacuum cleaner, or prefer a robotic one that does everything by itself, you’ll still need to shop around based on your budget as well as the features you require. Not all vacuums are created equal – what may look like a great budget pick can actually lead you to spend more time cleaning, all because the suction power is too low. Or, you splurge for a robot vacuum only to find that it won’t go over carpets properly.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, make sure you take your time to figure out exactly what features you’re looking for. Removable battery? Washable filters? Auto dust emptying? The list is truly endless, so don’t be afraid to shop around for the best mix of features and price point.

You’ll also want to look at the kind of tech that’s actually powering the vacuum, which will then affect the suction power and how well it’s able to clean hard to reach corners. Both Dyson and Samsung for example have their own suction technology that promises the best cleaning performance no matter which model you opt for.

Here are the best vacuum cleaner offers:

While this isn’t a strict rule, the best vacuum cleaner for you might be from the brand you’ve have had good experience with. For example, if you use Samsung SmartThings or a Samsung phone, you might want to pick a Samsung Vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, if you have a Dyson Air Purifier, it makes sense to buy another Dyson product.

1. Samsung Jet 75 Complete


Included components: ‎Turbo Action Brush, Soft Action Brush, Combination Tool, Extension Crevice Tool, Mini Motorized Tool, Flexible Tool, 1 Li-on Battery, Tube Cordless: ‎Yes Capacity‎: 0.8 Liters Runtime‎: 1 hour Noise Level‎: 86 Weight: ‎2.8 kg

03/29/2023 08:37 am GMT

The Samsung Jet 75 is a very decent cordless vacuum cleaner, that is on par with other more expensive models on the market. The 1-hour run time is enough time to clean up a decent-sized home, and the nearly AED 500 savings you can grab on this deal makes it an even more attractive product to pick up.

2. Ecovacs X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Battery life: ‎120 minutes Capacity: ‎3.2 Liters Form factor: ‎Robotic Noise Level: ‎68dB

If you’re not fond of doing the vacuuming, why not let a robot do it for you? This model from Ecovacs not only vacuums your floors for you, it automatically empties the dirt into its own concealed trash bin, ready for throwing out. You can get AED 2,000 off this robot at checkout, making it a great deal for automatic cleaning up around your house.

3. Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Power source: ‎Battery Powered Included components: ‎Wand Storage clip, Nickel Torque Drive Cleaner Head, Combination tool, Stubborn dirt brush, Mini soft dusting brush, Mini motorised tool, Wall Docking station, Charger, Soft Roller Cleaner head, Crevice tool Runtime: 45 mins

03/29/2023 08:33 am GMT

Dyson has long been the beacon of stability when it comes to vacuum cleaners. The V11 may be an older model now, but there’s still a lot to love about it, including the Hyperdymium motor and the myriad of attachments that make this such a great product. Plus, you can save nearly AED 800 on this model rather than going for one of the newer ones.

While these are currently the best vacuum cleaner offers, be sure to keep an eye out on sale periods such as 11.11 or White Friday where you can end up saving even more. Another great time to score a deal is near the holidays where most brands run promotions making them great gifts for your loved ones as well.

Whenever you choose to buy a good vacuum cleaner, it will be an investment that you make to last you for a good couple of years, so choose wisely based on features and your budget. After all, there’s no point buying an expensive vacuum cleaner if battery life is poor.

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