Samsung has announced its new phone lineup for 2024, and, as expected, the star of the show is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which has the fastest processor available on the Android platform, a gorgeous screen, powerful cameras and Galaxy AI smarts.

  • Galaxy AI – The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series is equipped with Galaxy AI that allows on-device AI functionality across many Samsung apps, including the browser, messaging and notes.
  • Fast performance – Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S24 Ultra with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which is currently the fastest processor for Android.
  • Massive Screen – The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a gorgeous 6.8-inch QHD+ OLED screen, which is completely flat and great for taking notes with the bundled S-Pen.
  • Lower Zoom Levels: Samsung has changed the Telephoto lens from 10X zoom on the Galaxy S23 Ultra to 5X zoom. However, the sensor on the Telephoto camera is now 50MP, which will allow for clearer shots and better nighttime photography.

Also announced are the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus, and if you’re looking to pick one up, then make sure you check out the best Samsung Galaxy S24 deals in the UAE beforehand.

What’s the Price of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in the UAE

Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the UAE in three storage configurations: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. All three models will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and 12GB RAM. The phone will be available on the 31st of January 2024.

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 12GB / 256GB: AED 5,099 (US$ 1,390)
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 12GB / 512GB: AED 5,599 (US$ 1,525)
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 12GB / 1TB: AED 6,599 (US$ 1,795)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Specs

Size & Weight:79 X 162.3 X 8.6 mm
232 g
IP 68
Hardware & Storage:Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
256GB / 512GB / 1TB Storage
Connectivity:5G, LTE Dual SIM
Bluetooth 5.3
Wi-Fi 7
Display:6.8-inch Super AMOLED Display
1440 x 3088 pixels QHD+ Resolution
1-120Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate
Cameras:12MP F2.2 Ultrawide Camera  FOV 120˚
200MP F1.7 Primary Camera OIS FOV 85˚
50MP F3.4 Telephoto Camera  OIS FOV 22˚ (5X Optical)
10MP F2.4 Telephoto Camera  OIS FOV 36˚ (3X Optical)
12MP F2.2 Selfie Camera FOV 80˚
Battery & Charging:5,000 mAh
45W Wired Charging (65% in 30 minutes)
Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 
Wireless PowerShare

Galaxy AI on Samsung Galaxy S24 series

New to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is Galaxy AI, a set of AI tools built on the phone to help you with everyday tasks. Many of these tasks are on-device and do not require an Internet connection, which is fantastic, especially if you’re travelling and don’t want to incur roaming costs.

Live Translate – With Live Translate, you can get two-way, real-time voice and text translations of phone calls within the native Samsung calling app. There’s no need for shady third-party apps, and on-device AI keeps conversations completely private. Note that this feature does not allow you to record calls- at least not in the UAE.

Interpreter – With Interpreter, conversations are instantly translated on a split-screen view so people standing opposite each other can read a text transcription of what the other person is saying. It works without cellular data or Wi-Fi, which is fantastic to use when travelling as you’re not restricted to having data.

Chat Assist – Chat assist can help rewrite your conversational tones to ensure communication sounds as it was intended. You can switch to different writing styles between casual, formal or fun. You can also use AI built into Samsung Keyboard to translate messages in real-time in 13 languages.

Note Assist – Using Samsung Notes, you can get AI-generated summaries for your notes, template creation with pre-made formats, and cover creation to make notes easy to spot with a brief preview.

Transcript Assist – Using AI and Speech-to-Text technology, Transcript Assist can transcribe, summarize and even translate recordings. It even works for voice recordings, even when there are multiple speakers, similar to the recorder app on Google Pixel.

Circle to Search with Google – With a long press on the home button, users can circle, highlight, scribble on, or tap anything on Galaxy S24’s screen to see helpful, high-quality search results.

Galaxy AI editing tools – Enable simple edits like erase, re-compose, and remaster. When a picture is crooked, AI will fill in the borders. When an object needs to be slightly moved to be in the perfect position, AI lets users adjust the position of the subject and generates a perfectly blended background in its original spot.

To give users even more creative control and freedom, Generative Edit can fill in parts of an image background with generative AI.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

If you want the best non-folding Android phone available at the start of 2024, then you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better than the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. It has all the makings of a flagship phone of 2024, such as a fast processor, an amazing screen and excellent cameras, all wrapped up in a premium design that feels light in your hands.

Samsung has also updated its OneUI for butter smooth animations while the Galaxy AI features provide a good use case scenario for using AI-assisted tech such as translations and summaries. The best bit is that these are done offline. You also get photo editing and search features powered by AI that rival the ones on Google Pixel 8 and a seven-year update commitment from Samsung, which is fantastic.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is on the pricey side, but you’re getting the best Android has to offer. It offers many features that Google showcased with AI on the Pixel 8 Pro, but that phone is nowhere near as powerful or available outside a select few countries.

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