If you are a fan of Windows PCs, you might be interested to know that two of the biggest names in the tech industry are planning to challenge Intel’s dominance in the PC market with their ARM chips for Windows. 

Nvidia and AMD are reportedly working on developing ARM processors for Windows computers that could be available as soon as 2025.

ARM chips are known for their energy efficiency and flexibility compared to Intel’s x86 chips. However, they were not compatible with Windows, that’s why they weren’t able to break into the PC market for decades.

That changed when Microsoft launched Windows 10 on ARM, a version of its operating system that can run on ARM devices.

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Nvidia and AMD Plans for ARM chips for Windows PCs

According to Reuters, Nvidia plans to sell ARM-based chips for Windows PCs as soon as 2025. Nvidia, a leader in the graphics card market, already has experience in making ARM chips for gaming consoles and data centres.

Meanwhile, AMD is also developing an ARM chip for Windows PCs, according to PC World

AMD is known for its Ryzen processors, which have been challenging Intel’s dominance in the PC market with their high performance and low price. AMD also tried ARM-based architecture with their Opteron A1100 for servers.

Intel has also been trying to make its own ARM chips for mobile devices, but it has yet to gain a significant market share. Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger recently said that Intel is not worried about the competition from ARM and that it will continue to focus on its x86 architecture.

Is ARM-Based Processing the Future

However, some analysts believe ARM could eventually overtake x86 as the dominant PC architecture, especially as more applications and games become compatible with Windows on ARM. 

The rise of cloud computing and streaming services could also reduce the need for powerful local processing and make ARM more attractive for users who value portability and battery life over performance.

Do you believe ARM will replace x86 as the standard for PCs?

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