Mountain has launched its first wireless gaming mouse, the Makalu Max, on May 16 for $89.99 (approx. AED 330). Unlike Mountain’s previous gaming mouse, the Makalu 67, the Makalu Max is geared towards those who prefer a heavy mouse instead of ultra-lightweight mice, which are much more common nowadays.

The mouse weighs around 110g and also comes with a Gravity Control System, which allows users to increase the weight of the overall device. Mountain also focuses a lot on the device’s ergonomics and allows users to change the side grips. The Makalu Max includes one set of side grips that changes the look and feel of the mouse, making it from a traditionally lean gaming mouse to a large and weighty office mouse.

The Makalu Max features the PixArt PAW3370 19,000 DPI sensor, with 400ips tracking speed, 50g max acceleration and 1-2mm lift-off distance. The left and right mouse buttons use Kalih GM 8.0 Black switches with an 80m actuation lifespan and 25gf minimum force, below 0.3mm pre-travel.

Mountain Makalu Max

Pricing and availability

Mountain Makalu Max is sold for a retail cost of $89.99, about AED 330. The mouse is not available to buy from any local stores in the UAE or through Amazon yet, but it should make its way to the Middle East very soon.

Mountain usually sells its products through Virgin Megastore across the UAE.

Makalu Max Specifications

Size:127×70.2×42.2mm (LxWxH)
Sensor:PixArt PAW3370
Max DPI:19,000
Life of Distance:1-2mm
Polling Rate:1,000Hz
Programmable Buttons: 8
Onboard memory:upto 5 profiles
Micro Switches (L+R):Kalih GM 8.0
Connectivity:2.4Ghz Wireless and USB-C
Cable Length:1.8m
Battery Life:up to 5 profiles
up to 80 hoursBlack

Design and Comfort

The Mountain Makalu Max is built entirely from plastic but is a heavy mouse at around 110g. It is also a chunky mouse, which is only suited for medium to large-sized hands. It has a large mid-bump, which will be great for palm grip style users but may not be optimal for other grip styles.

The mouse has two unique features. One is called the Gravity Control System, which allows users to increase the device’s weight. The package includes three rings of different weights that can be attached (but not stacked) at the bottom of the mouse to make the mouse heavier.

The other feature is the interchangeable side grips. The default configuration is slim and lean and is meant for gaming. The additional side grips provide a thumb rest and support for the ring and pinky finger, ideal for office use where comfort is the higher priority.

Features and performance

Mountain is using one of PixArt’s popular gaming sensors for the Makalu Max. The Pixart PAW3370 sensor is rated for 19,000 DPI.

The left and right mouse buttons use Kalih GM 8.0 Black switches rated for 80m actuations. They are clicky and have a satisfying press with a pre-travel time of below 0.3mm.

The mouse has eight programmable buttons, including the main buttons, two side buttons, two DPI switches, the middle scroll click, and the extra ‘Sniper’ button near the front of the mouse. The sniper button drops the DPI to around 400 to give more precision over aiming with specific in-game weapons like the sniper rifle.

Battery & Charging

The Makalu Max is a wireless mouse but can also be used with the included USB-C cable. It doesn’t support Bluetooth, so users must use the 2.4 GHz wireless dongle to use it wirelessly. The battery lasts for around 80 hours and does not support quick charging.

Alternatives to Mountain Makalu Max – How does it stack up against competitors?

The Mountain Makalu Max is uniquely positioned because two of its features- the weight management system and the interchange side grips – have somewhat gone out of fashion. Its weight class is also hard to match for a wireless mouse, and you might have to look at some wired options – like the Razer DeathAdder V2 or the Logitech G305, although both are much more expensive. However, there are plenty of great wireless mice for under $100 if you aren’t too keen on the extra features the Makalu Max offers.

The Logitech G Pro is a fan-favourite gaming mouse as its compact size, lightweight body, and powerful sensor tick all the right boxes for competitive and FPS players. It has Logitech’s Hero 25K sensor, an 80g construction, and a super-fast 1ms wireless performance. It lags behind the Makalu Max with the switches, as it is only rated for 50m clicks – which, to be fair, is still quite a lot.

Steelseries Aerox 3 Wireless Onyx Mouse
AED529.00 AED315.47
View on Amazon
12/03/2023 05:13 pm GMT

The Steelseries Aerox is a solid offering from the company. If you don’t mind the now somewhat outdated honeycomb design, the Aerox 3 Wireless has proven to be an excellent companion for competitive players. It offers a 68g construction, a whopping 200hrs of battery life, Steelseries’ excellent TrueMove Air optical sensor, and both 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth connectivity.

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed
AED589.00 AED369.00
View on Amazon
12/03/2023 05:28 pm GMT

Another fan-favourite among online competitive players is the Razer Viper Ultimate which can be found at discounted rates as the Viper V2 Pro has succeeded it. The Viper Ultimate is still mighty capable, offering 74g construction, a 20K optical sensor, Razer’s optical mouse switches, which are touted faster than mechanical switches, and an ambidextrous design.

Mountain Makalu Reviews

In their review, ThinkComputers praised the mouse for its great sensor, customizability, solid construction and overall performance. They also said that the Makalu Max reminded them of gaming mice of old, which were heavy and had weight customization, so the latest offering from Mountain harkens back to those days of gaming peripherals.

TheTechne also had a go at the mouse and was less than impressed with it. He called the Makalu Max dated due to its large design and heavy weight. He said the mouse was great for gaming and productivity but paled in comparison to other mice that offer the same performance and price but are lighter and more modernly designed.

Makalu Max FAQs

Is Mountain a good brand?

Mountain may not have the mainstream popularity of Razer, Steelseries, or HyperX, but it has consistently made high-quality products with a focus on modularity and performance.

Is the Makalu Max ambidextrous?

The Makalu Max is not ambidextrous, and only right-handed users can use it.

Does the mouse have Bluetooth support?

The Makalu Max does not have Bluetooth support. The only way to use the mouse wirelessly is through its 2.4 GHz USB dongle. You can also connect it with the included USB-C cable.

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